Commit 7847dbe7 authored by Niels De Graef's avatar Niels De Graef

ci: Drop tracker dependency

We can drop the dependency on `tracker-devel` now that we've gotten rid
of the tracker backend.
parent b158f5e0
Pipeline #256888 passed with stages
in 5 minutes and 7 seconds
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ build-folks:
dbus-glib-devel evolution-data-server-devel glib2-devel
gobject-introspection-devel libgee-devel libxml2-devel meson ninja-build
python3-dbusmock readline-devel redhat-rpm-config telepathy-glib-devel
telepathy-glib-vala tracker-devel vala valadoc gtk-doc
telepathy-glib-vala vala valadoc gtk-doc
dbus-daemon # FIXME: dbus-broker breaks the CI, see
- meson _build -Ddocs=true
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