Commit 4092dd18 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz Committed by Niels De Graef

tests: Drop custom binding and use E.SourceRegistry constructor

parent 1853567d
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......@@ -22,11 +22,6 @@ using E;
using Folks;
using Random;
/* The following function is needed in order to use the async SourceRegistry
* constructor. FIXME: */
[CCode (cname = "e_source_registry_new", cheader_filename = "libedataserver/libedataserver.h", finish_name = "e_source_registry_new_finish")]
internal extern static async E.SourceRegistry create_source_registry (GLib.Cancellable? cancellable = null) throws GLib.Error;
errordomain EdsTest.BackendSetupError
......@@ -162,7 +157,7 @@ public class EdsTest.Backend
false, FileCreateFlags.NONE, null, null);
/* Build a SourceRegistry to manage the sources. */
var source_registry = yield create_source_registry (null);
var source_registry = yield new E.SourceRegistry (null);
this._source_registry = source_registry;
var signal_id = source_registry.source_added.connect ((r, s) =>
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