Commit c9b67274 authored by Pierre Wieser's avatar Pierre Wieser

Update schema to describe 'locked' key

parent 5bdc16ec
2009-12-16 Pierre Wieser <>
* data/
Add locked key.
* README: Updated files.
......@@ -637,5 +637,23 @@ All schemes used by Nautilus can be used here. This only applies when targeting
<!-- sysadmin reserved keys -->
<!-- these keys are thought to be set as mandatory keys -->
<!-- each I/O provider has its own key, identified by the I/O provider internal id. -->
<!-- note that level-zero order of items is written as a GConf preference -->
<!-- setting the GConf as read-only (locked) will also prevent any reordering of level-zero items -->
<locale name="C">
<short>Whether the GConf I/O provider is locked</short>
<long>When set to true (most probably as a mandatory key), this prevents all items readen from GConf to being modified in NACT.</long>
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