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As of Nautilus-Actions 3.0, the documentation is composed of two main
As of FileManager-Actions 3.4, the documentation is composed of two
main parts:
- the Reference Manual describes all features of the product, rather
targeting developers and packagers;
- the Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool User's Manual.
- the FileManager-Actions Configuration Tool User's Manual.
P. Wieser, Dec. 2010
All the documentation, whether it targets users or developers, is made
of architecture-independent files. More it needs some rather special
tools to be built (db2html, dblatex, Docbook stylesheets, and so on).
So we want distribute it.
There are so in the Makefiles some hacks so that:
a) the built objects are distributed
b) the distributed objects are installed without requiring to be
P. Wieser, last updated on sept. 2015
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