Commit c53b38d3 authored by Pierre Wieser's avatar Pierre Wieser

Update doap to new project name

parent 2256d6e2
\ No newline at end of file
<Project xmlns:rdf=""
<name xml:lang="en">FileManager-Actions</name>
<category rdf:resource="" />
<shortdesc xml:lang="en">A file-manager extension which offers user configurable context menu actions</shortdesc>
<description xml:lang="en">
FileManager-Actions is a file-manager extension whose principal
function is to allow the user to add arbitrary actions to the
file-manager context menus. These actions may be organized in menus
and submenus, exported and shared with other desktop environments.
<homepage rdf:resource="" />
<download-page rdf:resource="" />
<bug-database rdf:resource="" />
<mailing-list rdf:resource="" />
<foaf:name>Pierre Wieser</foaf:name>
<foaf:mbox rdf:resource="" />
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