Commit b6e861a8 authored by Pierre Wieser's avatar Pierre Wieser

base-window.h: cosmetic changes

parent baa5e433
......@@ -227,10 +227,10 @@ typedef struct {
#define BASE_SIGNAL_INITIALIZE_WINDOW "base-window-initialize-window"
#define BASE_SIGNAL_ALL_WIDGETS_SHOWED "base-window-all-widgets-showed"
GType base_window_get_type( void );
GType base_window_get_type( void );
gboolean base_window_init( BaseWindow *window );
int base_window_run( BaseWindow *window );
int base_window_run ( BaseWindow *window );
BaseApplication *base_window_get_application ( const BaseWindow *window );
BaseWindow *base_window_get_parent ( const BaseWindow *window );
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