Commit acc83b3c authored by Pierre Wieser's avatar Pierre Wieser

Update information files before release

parent 08e284af
Version 3.1.3
Release date 2011-05-18
Bug fixes:
- Fix #649726 reported by Kyle Amadio
Nautilus-Actions Configuration Tool - cannot edit items
- Fix #649796 reported by Stefano Cerutti
Migration tool doesn't automatically run
- Fix #650523 reported by Stefano Cerutti
Remote filenames are no more reachables
Minor enhancement:
- Do not build test programs in release mode
New and updated translations:
- de (Christian Kirbach)
- es (Jesse Avilés, Javier Mazorra, Daniel Mustieles)
- fr (Bruno Brouard)
- it (Claudio Arseni, Luca Ferretti)
Version 3.1.2
......@@ -53,7 +53,8 @@ Nautilus-Actions plugins.
For now, Nautilus-Actions is able to import/export its items as:
. GConf schemas;
. GConf dump;
. XML.
. XML;
. .desktop files.
Nautilus-Actions documentation.
- when error on writing, should let the item modified
2010-12-14: delete process improved, restoring not deleted items
- 2011-05-20: if an action is selected on mimetype, scheme is not checked
(e.g. an action is displayed on sftp even is scheme is file)
- 2010-06-20: is_candidate_for_show_in: get current environment
- 2011-02-21: implement startup mode
- 2011-02-21: implement execute as user
- 2010-06-17: implement shortcut button in NactIPropertiesTab page
- 2010-08-09: in v1.x until ??, %f used to be the basename!!
- 2010-08-12: NACT user's manual: review notes against tips:
when do we should use each of them ?
- 2010-12-13: gtk-doc: Building HTML
warning: failed to load external entity "../xml/annotation-glossary.xml"
- 2010-12-30: gtk-doc 1.15
"Use of uninitialized value within %DeclarationTypes in lc at /usr/bin/gtkdoc-mkdb line 929"
when building XML
- 2011-02-07: is_level_zero_writable: should be monitored
for now, is only evaluated when NAUpdater is instanciated
- 2011-02-07: are_preferences_locked: should be monitored
for now, is only evaluated when NAUpdater is instanciated
- 2011-02-12: should we have a NAKeyFile shared between i/o-desktop and settings ?
- 2011-02-23: implement item separator
- 2011-02-23: desktop environment
accept a default at compile time
accept as a runtime user preference (may be mandatory)
- 2011-03-11: importing two actions, deleting them before having saved them, and then
save the whole (because it is yet marked as modified - why ?)
-> save error, some items have not been deleted
the two items are restored, marked as not modified, are found actually written in the disk!!
- allow users to upload/download actions directly from a web repository
(REST services ?)
- 2010-07-27: while editing a new filter, making it duplicate, try to keep editing
instead of terminating the edition and letting the old value
- 2010-08-10: non-notification delay after save should be a preference
- 2010-08-09: na-pivot:st_burst_timeout should be a preference
......@@ -29,18 +55,11 @@ N-A ENHANCEMENTS
- 2010-09-30: export format and d&d format should be separated preferences
- let the user edit the current default schemes when adding from defaults for a #NAIContext
- 2010-06-17: ui enhancement
all edition (entry, buttons, etc.) fields should have a small emblem when read-only.
- add a 'why this item is invalid'
- nact-iactions-list.c: display_label
the 'editable' cell property should be set only once, instead of at each redraw
and more because we also compute this on selection change
what we should do: compute once, and monitor to only change when needed
- enhancement.ui: review toolbars layout
so that detacheable toolbars do not take so such big extra space
......@@ -57,6 +76,7 @@ N-A ENHANCEMENTS
- enhancement.config: na_pivot_is_level_zero_writable:
the provider which hosts the level-zero list of items should be a configuration option
(current is GConf)
- DBus service: list current I/O providers
......@@ -64,10 +84,6 @@ N-A ENHANCEMENTS
- nact: new action assistant
- nautilus-actions-new:
give same defaults that when creating an action in NACT
choose the target I/O provider
- export: add a overwrite page: what to do if file already exists ?
- IActionTab: check_label has became useless since validity is global
......@@ -80,21 +96,13 @@ N-A ENHANCEMENTS
- undo manager (at least Ctrl-Z)
- in GConf, for v4, have conditions in a subfolder
- 2010-08-20: add an item in the context menu to explain why other actions
are not displayed
- 2010-11-24: ui.enhancement: have a preview when choosing an icon
- export-ask: the keep last choice check box should be as editable that export format
- 2011-05-20: should have an option to run in debug mode and dump whole configuration
so that a user can click on a button, and then send a zipped log to the maintainer
......@@ -108,6 +116,11 @@ OTHER ENHANCEMENTS
- 2011-02-21: nautilus: calls menu_provider_get_file_items() api each time we are
activating a menu; as the call is made without any indication about the currently
activated item, we have no other option than just recreate the menu; this is
very expensive in computation time
- GLib bug for g_utf8_collate_key_for_filename()
(see the 26 exported actions, and the screenshot of Nautilus view)
......@@ -129,14 +142,17 @@ OTHER BUGS
(which are actually package developers) to provide any html, pdf, ...
- gnome-doc-util: should only distribute symlinks instead of plain files
for missing translated figures
- 2010-12-13: --enable-gtk-doc-pdf does not generate a pdf, but should
- 2011-02-23: it seems that Nautilus 2.30.1 calls get_file_items even when are
opening a submenu ?
- gnome-doc-utils-stylesheets-0.20.1: should manage 'termdef'
- 2011-02-23: also it seems that Nautilus 2.30.1 free our menus (probably because
it is an item of its own menu), but not recursively the items of this menu.
- Note about the schemas in Nautilus-Actions:
- Note about the schemas in Nautilus Actions:
a) actions are identified by uuid
b) so, all GConf keys have a path with the uuid of the action
c) I'm not willing to write a schema for each and every uuid
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