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These tools are not distributed in the tarball, and are only present in
git (that I use here as some sort of backup repository).
Build system rationale
Documentation only includes architecture-independant files, and is thus
fully included in the distributed tarball.
- default is to not build the documentation
- because the packager will be able to install the documentation from
the distributed tarball, it is enough if only the maintainer is able
to build this documentation
- it is up to the maintainer to choose where to build the documentation:
> either in the oldest targeted distribution
> either in its own development machine.
The first choice (the oldest system) might be more secure as it will
embed in aclocal.m4 a version number compatible with all other systems.
Contrarily, we are not sure that choosing the second option (the newest
system) does not lead to some issues in older systems.
- depending on the build tools version, the distribution may have to be
build on the oldest or the newest system.
For example, Debian 7 Wheezy (gtk-doc 1.18) requires gtk-doc to be
enabled, while this is no more true with Fedora 24 (gtk-doc 1.25).
# in Debian 7 wheezy:
# apt-get install autoconf automake pkg-config gtk-doc-tools libglib2.0-dev libgtk-3-dev libgtop2-dev libxml2-dev uuid-dev gnome-doc-utils libgconf2-dev dblatex libnautilus-extension-dev scrollkeeper
Building the distributed tarball
The whole process is managed by the '' script:
- it first reconfigure (gtkdocize+autoreconf) the whole source tree
- it then rebuild all sources and generates all the documentation
- last it makes distcheck.
G_MESSAGES_DEBUG=FMA gdb ./_install/bin/fma-config-tool
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