Commit 84a82aaa authored by Pierre Wieser's avatar Pierre Wieser

Update NEWS before unstable release

parent 3a95c35d
Version 2.99.4
Release date 2010-08-23
- Replace GtkLabel vith GtkTextView in import and export assistants
- Converts pre-v2 '%d/%f' to v3 '%f'.
- Improve robustness of tokens parsing.
Bug fixes:
- Fix PDF manual build and distribution.
- Accepts null or empty input string or output pointers.
- Fix default int value when reading null string.
- Do not warn about malformed .desktop file when importing an URI.
- Path+parameters are splitted whatever be the I/O importer.
- Fix typos in sample actions.
- Fix mimetypes and folders selection.
- Fix basename check when matchcase is false.
- Address each occurrence of selected instead of just the first one.
- Take care of possibly NULL values when run from the command-line
(reported by Юрий Пухальский)
- Do not overexpand the example label.
New and updated translations:
- es (Bryan Alberto Baron Chinchilla, Jorge González)
- sl (Matej Urbančič, Andrej Žnidaršič)
Version 2.99.3
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