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2009-12-16 Pierre Wieser <>
* README: Updated files.
* nautilus-actions/io-provider-desktop/nadp-module.c:
Make the desktop I/O provider only loadable in maintainer mode.
Version 2.29.2
Release date 2009-12-16
This version brings up several major enhancements:
- An API is defined, which let us have more than one I/O provider;
this prepare in particular the arrival of a desktop I/O provider.
- GConf I/O provider is now a dynamically loaded plugin.
- Gracefully manage the read-only items, whether the action has
been made mandatory by a sysadmin, or the I/O provider
being itself not writable at all.
- Ability to assign a keyboard accelerator to a predefined action
via the nautilus-actions-run new program.
nautilus-actions-run will automagically take into account the
current Nautilus selection and apply it to your action (#435820
reported by Frederic Ruaudel).
- Let actions be defined to appear in Nautilus toolbar (#110288
reported by
- Let a sysadmin lock down its configuration by setting a mandatory
GConf key "/apps/nautilus-actions/mandatory/na-gcond/locked" to
true (#325520 reported by Frederic Ruaudel).
Other enhancements:
- Ask the user for a confirmation on session ending when there
is not yet saved modifications.
- nautilus-actions-config-tool (NACT) is no more tied to a
single instance: '--non-unique' argument let the user
run several instance.
- When exporting, export the current content of Actions list.
- Define two new user preferences for assistants management.
- Update nautilus-actions-new to be able to define actions which
target toolbar and folder menus.
- Add '--version' command-line argument to all programs:
. nautilus-actions-config-tool
. nautilus-actions-new
. nautilus-actions-schemas.
- Add mnemonics to target radio button labels in Action tab.
- Only set foreground color for normal state.
- Implement keyboard accelerators in Folders listview.
- Implement keyboard accelerators in Advanced conditions tab.
- As an help to bug reporter, displays GLib and Gtk+ current
versions on '--version' argument.
- Propagate default values to imported actions.
- Fix dialog title not reset after save.
- Fix the item counters when importing.
- Fix a typo in Import tab of Preferences dialog.
- Add plural mark in the Preferences dialog.
- Fix memory leaks in Action tab.
- Fix memory leaks in Advanced conditions tab.
- Only tries to setup folders when there is a current profile.
- Only setup toolbar label when current item is an action.
- Safely handle signal deconnexions.
- na_xml_writer_output_xml() now returns error messages.
- Fix #599913 reported by Vincent (unable to create an action).
- Fix #600712 reported by Deji Akingunola
(crash in nautilus-actions-config-tool).
Architecture modifications:
- Private and runtime libraries are now dynamic libraries.
- A Nautilus-Actions development environment might be set for
developing new plugins.
- Nautilus-Actions plugins are installed in PKGLIBDIR (for now, and
- New nautilus-actions-run command-line program.
- New libnautilus-actions-tracker Nautilus extension.
- Removed useless gthread dependancy.
Please note, that for now, the new Desktop I/O provider is
only available in maintainer mode, as it is far to being
ready for a production use.
New and updated translations:
de (Mario Blättermann, Christian Kirbach)
es (Jorge González)
pt (António Lima)
sl (Andrej Žnidaršič)
sv (Daniel Nylander)
ta (ifeli)
te (krishnababu k)
Version 1.12.3
Release date 2009-11-07
This is the third bugfix release of the 1.12 serie.
#599520 reported by Antonio Lima (do not mark author names for
#600712 reported by Deji Akingunola (NACT crashes on export)
#599913 reported by Vincent (menubar is not visible)
Other Code enhancements
Remove terminating dot from radio button labels.
Make the assistants transient relatively to the main window.
Initialize console utils log handlers.
Use XML markup to print messages embedding XML tags.
Fix copy of profiles of an action by reinitializing the target
list of profiles before duplicating the source one.
New and updated translations
None at this time.
Version 2.29.1
......@@ -3,3 +3,36 @@ Nautilus-Actions
Nautilus-actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which
allows the user to add arbitrary program to be launched through the
Nautilus file manager popup menu of selected files.
Nautilus-Actions components.
Nautilus-Actions has three sort of components:
- A user interface, nautilus-actions-config-tool (NACT), which let you
manage your actions. With NACT, you will able to create, modify and
delete actions, to define menus and submenus, to order and reorder
Import/export functions are also managed via NACT.
- Nautilus extensions as dynamically loadable plugins. These extensions
are automatically loaded by Nautilus when it starts. For now, two
extensions are provided:
. a plugin which takes care of displaying actions in Nautilus context
. a plugin which tracks the current Nautilus selection, and send it
in response to a DBus request.
- Command-line utilities:
. nautilus-actions-new lets you create new actions from the command-line.
. nautilus-actions-schemas prints the full GConf schema on stdout.
. nautilus-actions-run lets you execute a predefined action, taking
into account the current Nautilus selection via a DBus call to the
tracker plugin.
Nautilus-Actions plugins.
I/O Providers.
Nautilus-Actions itself uses plugins to load menus and actions from
the storage space. These plugins are installed in PKGLIBDIR, usually
something as /usr/lib/nautilus-actions/.
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