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Update NEWS

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2009-04-09 Pierre Wieser <>
* NEWS: Updated.
* src/nact/nact-sort-buttons.c (set_new_sort_order):
Do not rewrite in GConf a just-readen sort order.
Version 2.30.1
Release date 2010-04-09
- Slightly relax the validity rules of a profile, so that already
existing actions may be still considered as valid, even when
commands do not use an absolute path.
- Current position and folder of icons chooser dialog are now saved.
Bug fixes:
- Fix #614595 reported by Sense Hofstede
(Not all icons displayed in the nautilus-actions-config-tool)
- Fix #614596 reported by Sense Hofstede
(Nautilus Actions' actions don't show up in context menus)
- Do not prevent the export assistant to actually export items
- Do not let a user untoggle a sort button
- Do not mark the main window modified when first loading an empty set
- Folders are definitively a list of paths
- Also load items which are only described via their schemas
- Only set defaults on non yet allocated data
- Parent is not always an action, may be a menu
- Also delete embedded schema names from GConf entries
- Monitors GConf schemas
Code enhancement:
- No more use GTK_WIDGET_IS_SENSITIVE macro after Gtk 2.20
Other modifications:
- Menu plugin is renamed as
New and updated translations:
cs (Marek Černocký, Andre Klapper)
es (Jorge González)
sl (Andrej Žnidaršič, Matej Urbančič)
Version 2.30.0
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