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  Nautilus-actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which
  allows the user to add arbitrary program to be launched through the
  Nautilus file manager popup menu of selected files.
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Nautilus-Actions components.

  Nautilus-Actions has three sort of components:

  - A user interface, nautilus-actions-config-tool (NACT), which let you
    manage your actions. With NACT, you will able to create, modify and
    delete actions, to define menus and submenus, to order and reorder
    Import/export functions are also managed via NACT.

  - Nautilus extensions as dynamically loadable plugins. These extensions
    are automatically loaded by Nautilus when it starts. For now, two
    extensions are provided:
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    . libnautilus-actions-menu is a plugin which takes care of displaying
      actions in Nautilus context menu
    . libnautilus-actions-tracker is a plugin which tracks the current Nautilus
      selection, and send it in response to a DBus request. 
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  - Command-line utilities:
    . nautilus-actions-new lets you create new actions from the command-line.
    . nautilus-actions-schemas prints the full GConf schema on stdout.
    . nautilus-actions-run lets you execute a predefined action, taking
      into account the current Nautilus selection via a DBus call to the
      tracker plugin.

Nautilus-Actions plugins.

  I/O Providers.

    Nautilus-Actions itself uses plugins to load menus and actions from
    the storage space. These plugins are installed in PKGLIBDIR, usually
    something as /usr/lib/nautilus-actions/.
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    Starting with 3.0.2, the preferred default I/O provider is 'na-desktop',
    which means that newly created actions and menus will be stored on
    disk as .desktop files, in accordance with DES-EMA specification [1].

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Nautilus-Actions documentation.

  Documentation is provided in several formats:
  - developer documentation is provided as xml and html files, as generated
    by gtk-doc;
  - user's manuals and general documentation is provided as xml, pdf and
    html files, as generated by gnome-doc-utils, docbook-utils or dblatex
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