1. 17 Jun, 2000 1 commit
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      I18N the message composer's title bar. Don't install header files. · 105f78db
      Ettore Perazzoli authored
      Initial implementation of the "Open" and "Save as" commands (not
      really tested/finished, I am just syncing the tree before leaving).
      Put the cursor on the "To:" field when the message composer is shown.
      Set the correct shadow type in the scroll frame.
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  2. 07 May, 2000 1 commit
  3. 24 Feb, 2000 1 commit
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      This were moved to widgets/e-text/ a while ago but never removed. They · 7699b899
      Christopher James Lahey authored
      2000-02-24  Christopher James Lahey  <clahey@helixcode.com>
              * widgets/e-text.c, widgets/e-text.h, e-text-event-processor.c,
              e-text-event-processor.h, e-text-event-processor-emacs-like.c,
              e-text-event-processor-types.h: This were moved to widgets/e-text/
              a while ago but never removed.  They have now been removed.
              * widgets/e-text/e-text.c, widgets/e-text/e-text.h: Removed some
              warnings from this file.  Made tooltips disappear when you're
              finished with them.
              * widgets/e-minicard/test-reflow.c,
              widgets/e-minicard/test-minicard-label.c: Commented out unused
              about_callback functions.
              * widgets/e-minicard/e-reflow.c: Made e-reflow pass an EFocus to
              its e-minicard children.
              * widgets/e-minicard/e-minicard.c: Made e-minicard take and return
              an EFocus for its "has_focus" argument.  This makes shift-tab work properly.
              * widgets/e-minicard/e-minicard-label.c: Made e-minicard-label take and return
              an EFocus for its "has_focus" argument.  Made the font that
              e-minicard-label uses only be allocated once.
              * e-util/e-canvas-utils.h: Fixed the comment at the top and added
              #ifndef __E_CANVAS_UTILS__.
              * e-util/Makefile.am: Added e-xml-utils.c and
              * e-util/e-xml-utils.h, e-util/e-xml-utils.c: Added files for some
              xml utilities.
              * e-util/e-util.h: Added type EFocus which describes which
              direction the focus will be coming from.
      in mail:
      2000-02-24  Christopher James Lahey  <clahey@helixcode.com>
              * message-list.c: Changed this to not use the "x" and "y"
              arguments to e-table-item.
      in widgets/e-table:
      2000-02-24  Christopher James Lahey  <clahey@helixcode.com>
              * e-table-subset-variable.c, e-table-subset-variable.h: A new
              model which is a subset, but you can add and remove rows.
              * test-table.c: Added a thaw method for use with the
              e-table-subset (emits model_changed.)  Adapted to the changes to
              e_table_item.  Properly parse headers.  Adapted to the changes to
              e_table, including creating example xml spec data.
              * test-cols.c, test-check.c: Added a thaw method for use with the
              e-table-subset (emits model_changed.)  Adapted to the changes to
              * e-table.c, e-table.h: Reworked e-table to use the ETable
              grouping system.  The only difference for the interface is that
              instead of passing in a column_spec and a grouping_spec, you pass
              in a single string that is an xml format that includes both pieces
              of information.
              * e-table-subset.h: Added rules for emacs to do correct
              * e-table-subset.c: Implemented freezing.  No signals are emitted
              while frozen and "model_changed" is emitted when thawed.
              * e-table-sorted.h: ETableSortedClass has ETableSubset as its
              parent object instead of ETableSubsetClass.  Fixed this.
              * e-table-simple.c, e-table-simple.h: Implemented the thaw method.
              Use of simple now requires an extra argument (the thaw method.)
              * e-table-model.h, e-table-model.c: Added e_table_model_freeze and
              * e-table-item.h, e-table-item.c: Reworked this a bit to make it
              provide some things the new group system needed and to make
              inter-item keyboard focus work.  Changed the external interface
              only in the list of arguments it recognizes and signals it emits.
              Instead of "x" and "y", you have to use
              e_canvas_item_move_absolute and instead of emitting a
              "height_changed" signal, it emits a "resize" signal.  There's new
              "has_focus", "width", and "height" arguments and a function to get
              the currently focused column.
              * e-table-header-item.c: Got rid of some warnings here.  Changed
              * e-table-group-leaf.h, e-table-group-leaf.c,
              e-table-group-container.h, e-table-group-container.c: New types to
              make e_table_group work properly.
              * e-table-group.h, e-table-group.c: Completely reworked e-table
              grouping.  e-table-group now uses a hierarchical structure.
              * e-cell.h: Added e_cell_print.  This doesn't work yet.
              * e-cell.c: Made e_cell_realize exist.  (It was improperly named
              e_cell_view_realize in the .c.)
              * e-cell-text.c: Made the blinking cursor disappear properly.
              * check-filled.xpm, check-empty.xpm: Made these const char *[]
              instead of char *[] to avoid compiler warnings.
              * Makefile.am: Added e-table-group-container.c,
              e-table-group-container.h, e-table-group-leaf.c,
              e-table-group-leaf.h, e-table-subset-variable.c,
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  4. 13 Jan, 2000 1 commit
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      e_canvas_item_move_absolute is just a helper function not supplied by the · f5347f59
      Chris Lahey authored
              * widgets/e-canvas-utils.c, widgets/e-canvas-utils.h:
              e_canvas_item_move_absolute is just a helper function not supplied
              by the gnome_canvas.[ch] I put it here so that multiple items can
              use it.
              * widgets/e-reflow.c, widgets/e-reflow.h: This item contains a
              number of other items and places them into multiple columns.  The
              items contained must support a number of arguments and signals to
              allow the reflow to interact with them.
              * widgets/test-reflow.c: This is a test program for e-reflow.
              * widgets/e-text.c, widgets/e-text.h: Added properly drawn
              selected text.  Added some preliminary code for X selection
              handling and cut & paste.
              * widgets/e-minicard.c, widgets/e-minicard.h: Added ARG_HAS_FOCUS
              handling.  Made label display random for more interesting tests of
              multiple cards.  Tweaked sizing information for better display.
              * widgets/e-minicard-label.c, widgets/e-minicard-label.h: Added
              ARG_HAS_FOCUS handling.
              * widgets/Makefile.am: Added the reflow test and reflow files.
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=1566