1. 25 Nov, 2010 1 commit
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  3. 18 Oct, 2010 1 commit
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      EAlert: Allow arbitrary actions to be added. · 51ebf202
      Matthew Barnes authored
      You can now amend the predefined actions in an EAlert by calling
      e_alert_add_action().  Useful for adding actions from an existing
      Call e_alert_peek_actions() to obtain a combined list of predefined
      and custom actions.  These will typically serve as "related" actions
      for GtkButtons (cf. gtk_activatable_set_related_action()).
      Also, both EShellWindow and EShellView now implement EAlertSink.  Use
      EShellWindow for application-wide alerts, EShellView for view-specific
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      Simplify the search UI for express mode. · f7547cc6
      Matthew Barnes authored
      For express mode:
      - Move the search bar up to the toolbar.
      - Hide the "filter" combo box and lock down the first item.
      - Hide the "scope" combo box and lock down the first item.
        (This is the combo box with "Current Folder" only in the mailer.)
      - EShellView owns the search bar widget now instead of EShellContent.
      - Insert several nasty hacks that will likely come back to bite me.
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      Shell and UI manager cleanups. · d7494c8f
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Replace the EVO_EXPRESS environment variable with an --express command
      line option.  (Note, this adds a new translatable string for --help.)
      Add an EUIManager class with an "express-mode" property and custom load
      functions that use our new "express" preprocessor.  This replaces the UI
      manager functions in e-utils.c.
      (Also going to see if I can get GTK+ to add an "add_ui_from_string"
      method to GtkUIManagerClass that we can override.  Then we could just
      call gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_string() and the preprocessor would
      automatically do its thing and chain up.)
      Add an "express-mode" read-only GObject property to EShell.
      Add e_shell_configure_ui_manager() to e-shell-utils.c.  For now this
      just creates a one-way property binding:
          EShell:express-mode -> EUIManager:express-mode
      Call this immediately after e_ui_manager_new().  (EUIManager can't do
      this itself because it lives too low in the dependency hierarchy and
      doesn't know about EShell.)
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    • Michael Meeks's avatar
      clean up the 'express' mode hooks for UI Managers and start to · 19eea41c
      Michael Meeks authored
      extend them to plugins - use a simple one-off boolean on the UI Manager
      instead of exhaustively trying to propagate this information everywhere.
    • Srinivasa Ragavan's avatar
      Hide switcher in express mode. · 3d95369f
      Srinivasa Ragavan authored
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  19. 25 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Introduce ESelectable and EFocusTracker. · abc0e4c6
      Matthew Barnes authored
      EFocusTracker tracks the input focus within a window and helps keep
      the sensitivity of "selectable" actions in the main menu up-to-date.
      Selectable actions include Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All and Delete.
      EFocusTracker has built-in support for widgets that implement the
      GtkEditable interface such as GtkEntry and GtkTextView.  It also
      supports custom widgets that implement the ESelectable interface,
      which is a subset of GtkEditable and can apply to anything that
      displays selectable content (esp. tree views and ETables).
      This commit integrates EFocusTracker with EShellWindow, CompEditor,
      EMsgComposer, and ESignatureManager.
      It also bumps the GtkHTML requirement to 2.29.5 to utilize the new
      GtkhtmlEditor:html constructor property.
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      Allow EShellWindow "construct" methods to return NULL. · f1825606
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Also allow the methods themselves to be NULL.
    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Add private virtual methods to EShellWindowClass. · 793e57e2
      Matthew Barnes authored
      So Anjal can override what it needs to for its own purpose.
      Also makes the EShellWindow design a little cleaner.
      Methods added:
        GtkWidget *    (*construct_menubar)   (EShellWindow *shell_window);
        GtkWidget *    (*construct_toolbar)   (EShellWindow *shell_window);
        GtkWidget *    (*construct_sidebar)   (EShellWindow *shell_window);
        GtkWidget *    (*construct_content)   (EShellWindow *shell_window);
        GtkWidget *    (*construct_taskbar)   (EShellWindow *shell_window);
        EShellView *   (*create_shell_view)   (EShellWindow *shell_window,
                                               const gchar *view_name);
      Also added some new GObject properties to help decouple actions from
      internal EShellWindow widgets created by these methods:
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Hide actions when lockdown settings are enabled. · eb0f5909
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Hide actions that are disabled by lockdown settings instead of showing
      them as disabled.  Showing them as disabled gives the impression the
      user can do something to enable them, which is not the case here.
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