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      Give MailSession a permanent home. · a06e4484
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Global variables in shared libraries are a bad idea.  EMailBackend now
      owns the MailSession instance, which is actually now EMailSession.
      Move the blocking utility functions in mail-tools.c to e-mail-session.c
      and add asynchronous variants.  Same approach as Camel.
      Replace EMailReader.get_shell_backend() with EMailReader.get_backend(),
      which returns an EMailBackend.  Easier access to the EMailSession.
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      Use new GDK keysym names if available. · afe6f502
      Matthew Barnes authored
      In GTK+ 2.21.8, the keysym names were renamed from GDK_* to GDK_KEY_*.
      I've added backward-compatibility macors to gtk-compat.h, which can be
      dumped as soon as we require GTK+ >= 2.22.0.
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      Shell and UI manager cleanups. · d7494c8f
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Replace the EVO_EXPRESS environment variable with an --express command
      line option.  (Note, this adds a new translatable string for --help.)
      Add an EUIManager class with an "express-mode" property and custom load
      functions that use our new "express" preprocessor.  This replaces the UI
      manager functions in e-utils.c.
      (Also going to see if I can get GTK+ to add an "add_ui_from_string"
      method to GtkUIManagerClass that we can override.  Then we could just
      call gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_string() and the preprocessor would
      automatically do its thing and chain up.)
      Add an "express-mode" read-only GObject property to EShell.
      Add e_shell_configure_ui_manager() to e-shell-utils.c.  For now this
      just creates a one-way property binding:
          EShell:express-mode -> EUIManager:express-mode
      Call this immediately after e_ui_manager_new().  (EUIManager can't do
      this itself because it lives too low in the dependency hierarchy and
      doesn't know about EShell.)
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      Refactor the EShell search API. · 4cbbdedf
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Move the search interface to a new widget: EShellSearchbar
      The current search rule is now stored in EShellView, and the search
      context in EShellViewClass similar to GalViewCollection (since it's
      class-specific, not instance-specific).
      Also add a couple new signals to EShellView: "clear-search" and
      "custom-search" ("custom" refers to an advanced search or a saved
      search -- something more complex than a quick search).
      Still working out a few kinks.  The search entry is clearly trying to
      be too many things.  We need a different way of indicating that you're
      looking at search results.  Perhaps a search results banner similar to
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      Introduce an EShellView::execute-search signal. · 53268d55
      Matthew Barnes authored
      This addresses bug #593896 but is also a cleaner design than before.
      It introduces an EShellView::execute-search signal and renames the
      "search-execute" action to "search-quick" to clarify that it's only
      meant for the "quick" search bar in the main window.
      Shell view subclasses should implement the execute_search() method to
      actually execute a search.
      e_shell_view_execute_search() emits the new signal.
  22. 24 Jun, 2009 2 commits
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      Radically reorganize source code. · f0d3f3af
      Matthew Barnes authored
      - Collect all shell modules into a new top-level 'modules' directory:
        Nothing is allowed to link to these, not plugins nor other modules.
      - Mimic the libevolution-mail-shared library from master (except drop
        the "shared" suffix) and have libevolution-mail-importers and all
        mail-related plugins link to it.
      - Discard the a11y subdirectories and have the files live alongside
        their counterpart widgets.
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      Use key files for tracking widget states. · be8ee539
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Each EShellView now maintains a GKeyFile for recording disposable widget
      state such as tree view path expansion, scroll bar positions, combo box
      selections, etc.  The EShellView records changes to the key file to
      ~/.evolution/<shell-backend>/config/state, and automatically restores
      the GKeyFile at startup.
      Currently only the mailer uses the key file, but it's intended to serve
      all shell views.  It replaces the use of Camel "cmeta" files, as well as
      "et-expanded-*" and "folder-tree-expand-state.xml" files.
      Also, the mailer's folder tree model now includes a column for tracking
      which sidebar folders are expanded.  Folder tree widgets appearing in
      dialog windows can copy the sidebar's expanded state using
  24. 09 Jun, 2009 1 commit
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      Search bar improvements. · df17adc5
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Split the search entry into a new widget to manage hints (EHintedEntry).
      Let the search entry expand to use available horizontal space.
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      Rewrite the mail label code from top to bottom. · 14e8637d
      Matthew Barnes authored
        - Kill the e-util-labels API and read label information into a
          single-column GtkListStore.  Use GConfBridge to automatically
          keep GConf synched with the list store.
        - The list store (a singleton instance) is stored in EShellSettings
          so it's available everywhere.
        - The list store serves as the model for EMailLabelTreeView,
          which itself is embedded in EMailLabelManager; a complete
          label management UI as seen in the preferences dialog.
        - EMailLabelDialog is used to add or edit a label.  Avoid using a
          color button, instead embed a GtkColorSelection directly in the
          dialog so everything is in one window.
      Open issues:
        - The weird toggle/color/text menu items in the popup menu aren't
          there.  For now they're just regular toggle items.  I'll deal
          with it later.
        - Filter intergration is broken at the moment.
      svn path=/branches/kill-bonobo/; revision=37233
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      Hack GtkIconTheme so we can reference category icons as named icons. · c22126d5
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Necessary for EActionComboBox, since GtkActions can only handle named
      or stock icons.  Hopefully this is just a temporary hack.  Eventually
      we should make the category icons themeable.
      Kill the "mail-account-disable" plugin and integrate it properly.
      More dead plugins to follow...
      Don't show disabled menu items in pop-up context menus.  It does the
      user no good to see things he CAN'T do with the object he clicked on.
      svn path=/branches/kill-bonobo/; revision=37093
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