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  5. 06 Oct, 2014 1 commit
    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Make Calendar, Memos and Tasks views non-UI-blocking · 8752647e
      Milan Crha authored
      The Calendar, Memos and Tasks views use to do D-Bus calls to
      the backends on the main (UI) thread, which could result in UI
      freezes, until the operation was done on the backend (and server)
      side. This commit fixes that by invoking the operations in
      a dedicated thread. It has few additional advantages too:
      - operations can be cancelled
      - proper error reporting to a user
      - less code duplication between the views for common operations
      There had been fixed some performance issues when selecting/unselecting
      sources in the source selector as well.
  6. 04 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Ignore false GObject property change notifications · 2f3fbdd6
      Milan Crha authored
      This is related to bug 698275, which did not cover all cases.
      The problem here is that the dconf can in certain situation claim
      that everything changed (path "/" changed), which GSettingsBinding
      propagates to a GObject property unconditionally and GObject's
      property setter (g_object_set_property()) also notifies about
      the property change unconditionally, despite the real descendant
      property setter properly checks for the value change. After all
      these false notifications a callback on "notify" signal is called
      and possibly an expensive operation is run.
      Checking whether the value really changed helps in performance, for
      which were added new e-util functions:
      which have the same prototype as their GLib counterparts, but they allow
      only "notify::..." signals and they test whether the value really changed
      before they call the registered callback.
  7. 26 Feb, 2014 1 commit
    • Tarnyko's avatar
      Replace 'interface' with 'iface' in the code · 5c60d570
      Tarnyko authored
      Win32 headers have a #define for 'interface', which breaks the build
      when this word is used in the code, thus replace it to 'iface',
      the same way as GLib or GTK+ code use to have it. (See bug #722068.)
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  9. 26 Oct, 2013 1 commit
    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Bug 709428 - Searchbar widgets should not wrap · 40b86800
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Instead of wrapping the searchbar for small screens (which looks ugly
      and breaks the initial window size on large screens), hide the filter
      combo box in views that would otherwise be too wide for the screen.
      There's no loss of functionality when hiding the filter combo box.
      It's just a set of convenient pre-defined searches, all of which can
      be reproduced through the Advanced Search interface.
      New functions:
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Reimplement the main toolbar's "prefer-item" feature. · 4f7b4d81
      Matthew Barnes authored
      This fixes a bug in the old implementation where the application could
      crash after a second shell window was created and destroyed, because a
      signal handler with the destroyed shell window as the closure was left
      But moreover this simplifies the implementation by using a property
      binding plus transform function instead of juggling signal handlers,
      and also adds code comments where things get a little tricky.
      Removed (now unused) functions:
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Consolidate base utility libraries into libeutil. · d09d8de8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Evolution consists of entirely too many small utility libraries, which
      increases linking and loading time, places a burden on higher layers of
      the application (e.g. modules) which has to remember to link to all the
      small in-tree utility libraries, and makes it difficult to generate API
      documentation for these utility libraries in one Gtk-Doc module.
      Merge the following utility libraries under the umbrella of libeutil,
      and enforce a single-include policy on libeutil so we can reorganize
      the files as desired without disrupting its pseudo-public API.
      This also merges libedataserverui from the Evolution-Data-Server module,
      since Evolution is its only consumer nowadays, and I'd like to make some
      improvements to those APIs without concern for backward-compatibility.
      And finally, start a Gtk-Doc module for libeutil.  It's going to be a
      project just getting all the symbols _listed_ much less _documented_.
      But the skeletal structure is in place and I'm off to a good start.
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      GtkApplication has some new EShell-like features. · 224f26b8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      I pushed a few EShell features up to GtkApplication for GTK+ 3.2,
      so we can now trim off the redundancies in EShell.
      1) GtkApplication has a new "window-added" signal which replaces
         EShell's own "window-created" signal.
      2) GtkApplication has a new "window-removed" signal which replaces
         EShell's own "window-destroyed" signal.
      3) gtk_application_get_windows() now returns a list of windows sorted
         by most recently focused, replacing e_shell_get_watched_windows().
      4) GtkApplication now provides enough hooks to subclasses that we can
         remove e_shell_watch_window() and call gtk_application_add_window()
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