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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Fix/mute issues found by Coverity scan · 570c6374
      Milan Crha authored
      This makes the code free of Coverity scan issues.
      It is sometimes quite pedantic and expects/suggests some
      coding habits, thus certain changes may look weird, but for a good
      thing, I hope. The code is also tagged with Coverity scan
      suppressions, to keep the code as is and hide the warning too.
      Also note that Coverity treats g_return_if_fail(), g_assert() and
      similar macros as unreliable, and it's true these can be disabled
      during the compile time, thus it brings in other set of 'weird'
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Consolidate base utility libraries into libeutil. · d09d8de8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Evolution consists of entirely too many small utility libraries, which
      increases linking and loading time, places a burden on higher layers of
      the application (e.g. modules) which has to remember to link to all the
      small in-tree utility libraries, and makes it difficult to generate API
      documentation for these utility libraries in one Gtk-Doc module.
      Merge the following utility libraries under the umbrella of libeutil,
      and enforce a single-include policy on libeutil so we can reorganize
      the files as desired without disrupting its pseudo-public API.
      This also merges libedataserverui from the Evolution-Data-Server module,
      since Evolution is its only consumer nowadays, and I'd like to make some
      improvements to those APIs without concern for backward-compatibility.
      And finally, start a Gtk-Doc module for libeutil.  It's going to be a
      project just getting all the symbols _listed_ much less _documented_.
      But the skeletal structure is in place and I'm off to a good start.
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Let GtkFileChooser track its own last-used-folder. · 938505da
      Matthew Barnes authored
      GtkFileChooser in GTK+ 3.2 now keeps track of the last-used-folder
      itself, even across applications, so get out of its way and let it
      handle it.
    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      GtkApplication has some new EShell-like features. · 224f26b8
      Matthew Barnes authored
      I pushed a few EShell features up to GtkApplication for GTK+ 3.2,
      so we can now trim off the redundancies in EShell.
      1) GtkApplication has a new "window-added" signal which replaces
         EShell's own "window-created" signal.
      2) GtkApplication has a new "window-removed" signal which replaces
         EShell's own "window-destroyed" signal.
      3) gtk_application_get_windows() now returns a list of windows sorted
         by most recently focused, replacing e_shell_get_watched_windows().
      4) GtkApplication now provides enough hooks to subclasses that we can
         remove e_shell_watch_window() and call gtk_application_add_window()
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Restore lockdown integration. · ba6a2343
      Matthew Barnes authored
      With lockdown settings available through GSettings, widgets can handle
      lockdown integration themselves without having to use EShellSettings.
      Also fixed a few places where printing or save-to-disk actions were
      either not properly wired up or not responding to lockdown settings,
      but much more work needs done.  Attachments, for example, are not
      honoring the disable-save-to-disk setting at all.
      This too requires the recently-added gsettings-desktop-schemas
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    • Federico Mena Quintero's avatar
      Utility function to hide widgets when in Express mode · fe8eabe6
      Federico Mena Quintero authored
      Express mode requires a reduced preferences dialog.  Many options in the
      current preferences dialog are pure, unadulterated crack.  So we need
      an easy way to hide them, to simplify the dialog and reduce its size.
      Here we add a function that takes a GConf key, reads a list of strings
      from that key, and hides the widgets whose names are those strings.
      This gives us an easy way to experiment with what widgets should
      be hidden in the preferences dialog, without needing to recompile
      all the time.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarFederico Mena Quintero <federico@novell.com>
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    • Matthew Barnes's avatar
      Shell and UI manager cleanups. · d7494c8f
      Matthew Barnes authored
      Replace the EVO_EXPRESS environment variable with an --express command
      line option.  (Note, this adds a new translatable string for --help.)
      Add an EUIManager class with an "express-mode" property and custom load
      functions that use our new "express" preprocessor.  This replaces the UI
      manager functions in e-utils.c.
      (Also going to see if I can get GTK+ to add an "add_ui_from_string"
      method to GtkUIManagerClass that we can override.  Then we could just
      call gtk_ui_manager_add_ui_from_string() and the preprocessor would
      automatically do its thing and chain up.)
      Add an "express-mode" read-only GObject property to EShell.
      Add e_shell_configure_ui_manager() to e-shell-utils.c.  For now this
      just creates a one-way property binding:
          EShell:express-mode -> EUIManager:express-mode
      Call this immediately after e_ui_manager_new().  (EUIManager can't do
      this itself because it lives too low in the dependency hierarchy and
      doesn't know about EShell.)
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