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    • Milan Crha's avatar
      Correct categories_icon_theme_hack() function · 87d6c435
      Milan Crha authored
      It adds an icon directory for one of the categories, which not always
      works, especially when a translator in the evolution-data-server uses
      a different category name translation, than the one from there. It is
      better to traverse all categories and add all icon folders into the
      search patch for the icon theme.
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    • Tomas Popela's avatar
      Composer - User changed signature is lost when opening a draft or template · f34c1bd8
      Tomas Popela authored
      When opening a draft or a template with a signature we were setting the current
      signature in "Signature chooser" to the one that was inside the message. The
      problem was that the code replaced the body's signature with the one that is
      saved on local storage. When the signature in the body was changed by the user
      the changes were thrown away. After this change the signatures (the one in the
      body and the one from local storage) are compared and if they are not the same
      the signature in the body is left untouched and current signature in "Signature
      chooser" is set to None (to stick with GtkHTML composer).
    • Tomas Popela's avatar
      EHTMLEditorSelection - Wrapping of a block can leave the block unwrapped · 60a1a425
      Tomas Popela authored
      The code failed to get a next node to wrap when it previously processed a node
      and its parent doesn't have a next sibling (this could happen in plain text mode
      when we inserted a smiley).
    • Tomas Popela's avatar
    • Tomas Popela's avatar
      EHTMLEditorView - Lines of text appended after the signature are sent on one line · a18a75a1
      Tomas Popela authored
      If the user edited the signature or added more content after it, WebKit just
      duplicated the DOM structure and left us with multiple PRE elements that don't
      have the BR elements on their end. The content is rendered fine (every pre has
      its own line), but when we try to get a plain text version of the signature we
      will get the text from these PRE elements on one line. As a solution we need to
      insert the BR elements on the end of earch PRE element (if not presented) to get
      the correct text from signature.
    • Tomas Popela's avatar
      EHTMLEditorView - Undoing the 'Wrap Lines' action doesn't work · 8bb3f502
      Tomas Popela authored
      We need to remove the 'data-user-wrapped' attribute from the block as otherwise
      the BR elements that are used to wrap won't be removed in the
      remove_wrapping_from_element function.