Commit e9e9bee3 authored by Christopher James Lahey's avatar Christopher James Lahey Committed by Chris Lahey


2001-10-10  Christopher James Lahey  <>

	* NEWS (Addressbook): Updated.

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2001-10-10 Christopher James Lahey <>
* NEWS (Addressbook): Updated.
2001-10-09 Federico Mena Quintero <>
* NEWS (Calendar): Calendar NEWS.
......@@ -46,10 +46,18 @@ Mailer:
- General fixes. (Chris Toshok, Trow, Iain, Chris Lahey, JP)
- LDAP configuration dialog fixes. (Chris Toshok)
- New authentication work. (Chris Toshok)
- Fixed crashes related to editing the Master Category List. (Trow)
- Address completion is no longer confused by whitespace. (Trow)
- More work on having multiple wombats. (Chris Toshok)
- Contact names no longer mysteriously disappear when using the
SelectNames dialog. (Trow)
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