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* README: Updated.

* 0.99.2.  Require gtkhtml 0.16.1 and GAL 0.18.1.

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2001-11-14 Ettore Perazzoli <>
* README: Updated.
* 0.99.2. Require gtkhtml 0.16.1 and GAL 0.18.1.
2001-11-14 Ettore Perazzoli <>
* NEWS: Redone with the bug #s from Bugzilla.
......@@ -124,8 +124,6 @@ and -devel packages for each library.
*** "--disable-more-warnings" when configure, or it may fail to
*** build.
- gconf - 0.6 or later.
- gnome-vfs - 1.0.0 or later (If you get this from GNOME CVS, use
the tag "gnome-vfs-1-0")
......@@ -141,9 +139,9 @@ and -devel packages for each library.
*** either gnome-libs or evolution for the Makefiles to work
*** properly.
- gal (GNOME Application Library) - or later
- gal (GNOME Application Library) - 0.18.1 or later
- gtkhtml - later than 0.11.0
- gtkhtml - later than 0.16.1
Other non-GNOME Dependencies:
......@@ -215,35 +213,15 @@ You'll need to `cp ~/.mozilla/default/*.db ~/evolution` on you've
installed Evolution in order to get a functional SSL-enabled
WARNING: Evolution also comes with OpenSSL support
(--with-openssl-libs and --with-openssl-includes), but it's not very
well tested, and quite unstable at this point. It is recommended that
you use the NSPR-based SSL support instead.
addressbook: the Address Book UI
art: graphics used by evolution
calendar: the Calendar UI
camel: libcamel, a messaging library used by the mailer.
Camel is inspired by Sun's JavaMail
( and the
IMAPv4 spec (RFC 2060).
composer: the message composer UI
data: the .desktop file for Evolution
default_user: initial Evolution config files for new users
devel-docs: entirely inadequate documentation
doc: more adequate documentation
e-util: utility code used by various parts of Evolution
filter: libfilter, a mail filtering library
libibex: an indexing library used by the mailer
libical: a library for the iCalendar format (RFC 2445-2446)
libversit: a library for the vCard (RFC 2425-2426) and vCalendar
( formats
mail: the mail display UI
shell: the Evolution shell (the main program that launches
the other components)
tests: some test programs
tools: utilities, notably "killev", a script to kill of all
of the Evolution components
widgets: widgets used by Evolution, including the shortcut bar
wombat: Has source code that will load in the addressbook
and calendar backend, and will form the server
process we'll be using
Experimental support for NNTP is enabled if you use the --enable-nntp
configure option, but it's currently unmaintained and highly unstable
and experimental.
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)
......@@ -575,7 +575,7 @@ EVO_CHECK_LIB(GNOME-VFS, vfs, 1.0)
EVO_CHECK_LIB(libxml, xml, 1.8.10, 2.0)
EVO_CHECK_LIB(bonobo-conf, bonobo_conf, 0.11)
EVO_CHECK_LIB(GAL, gal, 0.18)
EVO_CHECK_LIB(GAL, gal, 0.18.1)
EVO_CHECK_LIB(GtkHTML, gtkhtml, 0.16)
dnl *************************
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