Commit e868ad8e authored by Tomas Popela's avatar Tomas Popela

EMComposerUtils - Remove unneeded variable

parent b5e2ae26
......@@ -2945,14 +2945,13 @@ em_utils_construct_composer_text (CamelSession *session,
EMailPartList *parts_list)
gchar *text, *credits;
gboolean start_bottom = FALSE;
g_return_val_if_fail (CAMEL_IS_SESSION (session), NULL);
credits = attribution_format (message);
text = em_utils_message_to_html (
session, message, credits, E_MAIL_FORMATTER_QUOTE_FLAG_CITE,
parts_list, NULL, start_bottom ? "<BR>" : NULL, NULL);
parts_list, NULL, NULL, NULL);
g_free (credits);
return text;
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