Commit df51ea5f authored by Ting-Wei Lan's avatar Ting-Wei Lan Committed by Milan Crha

Bug 747461 - The tar command used to restore backups doesn't work on FreeBSD

parent 88ea6a26
......@@ -538,14 +538,14 @@ restore (const gchar *filename,
g_mkdir_with_parents (e_get_user_config_dir (), 0700);
command = g_strdup_printf (
"cd $DATADIR && tar xzf %s %s --strip-components=%d",
quotedfname, data_dir, get_dir_level (data_dir));
"cd $DATADIR && tar --strip-components %d -xzf %s %s",
get_dir_level (data_dir), quotedfname, data_dir);
run_cmd (command);
g_free (command);
command = g_strdup_printf (
"cd $CONFIGDIR && tar xzf %s %s --strip-components=%d",
quotedfname, config_dir, get_dir_level (config_dir));
"cd $CONFIGDIR && tar --strip-components %d -xzf %s %s",
get_dir_level (config_dir), quotedfname, config_dir);
run_cmd (command);
g_free (command);
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