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Added news.

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1.0 Release Candidate, 2001-10-30
- General bug fixes. (Everybody)
- Printing fixes. (Trow)
- Fixed the dreaded "this should never happen" bug. (Trow)
- Plugged memory leaks. (Trow)
- Fixed use-score sort ordering when doing completion. (Trow)
- Fixed EAddressPopup race conditions. (Trow)
- Implemented transfer function for shell, so moving contact
folders now works. (Trow)
- Fixed occasional completion flakiness. (Trow)
- Fixed contact count on folder bar. (Trow)
- Fixes for LDAP/multibook address completion. (Toshok, Trow)
- Worked around gnome-vfs problems that were causing crashes. (Trow)
Version 0.17 (Beta 7), 2001-10-15
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