Commit d228ae16 authored by Tomas Popela's avatar Tomas Popela

EHTMLEditorView - Just check if the element has attribute instead of checking its value

parent 85d7edfc
......@@ -8976,7 +8976,6 @@ html_editor_view_load_status_changed (EHTMLEditorView *view)
WebKitDOMDOMWindow *dom_window;
WebKitDOMHTMLElement *body;
WebKitLoadStatus status;
gchar *data_evo_draft;
status = webkit_web_view_get_load_status (WEBKIT_WEB_VIEW (view));
......@@ -9030,8 +9029,7 @@ html_editor_view_load_status_changed (EHTMLEditorView *view)
move_elements_to_body (document);
repair_gmail_blockquotes (document);
data_evo_draft = webkit_dom_element_get_attribute (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (body), "data-evo-draft");
if (data_evo_draft) {
if (webkit_dom_element_has_attribute (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (body), "data-evo-draft")) {
/* Restore the selection how it was when the draft was saved */
e_html_editor_selection_move_caret_into_element (
document, WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (body), FALSE);
......@@ -9040,8 +9038,6 @@ html_editor_view_load_status_changed (EHTMLEditorView *view)
e_html_editor_view_remove_embed_styles (view);
g_free (data_evo_draft);
/* The composer body could be empty in some case (loading an empty string
* or empty HTML. In that case create the initial paragraph. */
if (!webkit_dom_node_get_first_child (WEBKIT_DOM_NODE (body))) {
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