Commit c99cd2a0 authored by Jeffrey Stedfast's avatar Jeffrey Stedfast Committed by Jeffrey Stedfast

Updated mailer NEWS.

2001-10-30  Jeffrey Stedfast  <>

	* NEWS (Mailer): Updated mailer NEWS.

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2001-10-30 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* NEWS (Mailer): Updated mailer NEWS.
2001-10-30 <>
* NEWS (Mailer): My mailer news.
......@@ -46,6 +46,35 @@ Mailer:
- Various untranslated buttons/menus and other translation issues
fixed. (Michael, Jeff)
- Offline searching in IMAP. (Michael)
- Don't warn the user if he drags a message and drops it in the same
place. (Jeff)
- Fixed replying-to and forwarding messages with attachments to
attach the appropriate attachments in the new message. (Jeff, Larry)
- Don't allow the user to edit the default searches and keep all the
search menus consistant accross all folders. (Jeff)
- Allow the user to drag&drop and/or move messages to the Trash
folder. (Jeff)
- Various fixes to the filtering code. (Jeff, Michael)
- Make various dialogs non-modal. (Jeff)
- Fixes to POP3 UID caching so users can "leave mail on server" and
not get duplicates. (Jeff)
- Fixes to IMAP caching code where servers support the UIDPLUS
extension. Will also now un-cache a folder when the user deletes
it from the IMAP server. (Jeff)
- Removed support for PGP 2.6.x due to security issues (pgp would
always return 0 suggesting that the signature was valid even when
it wasn't). (Jeff)
- Lots and lots and lots of other little and not so little things.
(Michael, Jeff, Dan, Trow)
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