Commit b9d0a713 authored by Jon Trowbridge's avatar Jon Trowbridge


svn path=/trunk/; revision=13283
parent 29bf2715
......@@ -35,6 +35,24 @@ Mailer:
- Many backend fixes that users won't notice. (Michael, Jeff, Dan)
- Fixed the crash that accompanied the invalid address warning. (Trow)
- Properly encode the mailto: links we generate inside of displayed
messages. (Trow)
- Miscellaneous bug fixes. (Jon Trowbridge, Chris Toshok, Chris Lahey,
JP Rosevear)
- Better handling of addresses containing commas or other special
characters. (Trow)
- Fixed bugs related to sending mail by left-clicking on an address
inside a message. (Trow)
- Auto-completion now matches against contact nicknames. (Trow)
- Now syncs exception dates in calendar and addressbook notes (JP)
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