Commit b2096647 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

e_mail_folder_uri_build: Encode special characters in folder names

Some of them could cause failures during folder open, while they
are supported by the server as such.
parent b3778536
......@@ -1753,7 +1753,7 @@ e_mail_folder_uri_build (CamelStore *store,
uid = camel_service_get_uid (CAMEL_SERVICE (store));
encoded_uid = camel_url_encode (uid, ":;@/");
encoded_name = camel_url_encode (folder_name, "#");
encoded_name = camel_url_encode (folder_name, ":;@?#");
uri = g_strdup_printf ("folder://%s/%s", encoded_uid, encoded_name);
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