Commit a4b0c91a authored by Tomas Popela's avatar Tomas Popela

EHTMLEditorView - Some message text lost when replying on mail from GMail

parent 57478eb9
......@@ -1275,6 +1275,10 @@ repair_gmail_blockquotes (WebKitDOMDocument *document)
webkit_dom_element_remove_attribute (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (node), "class");
webkit_dom_element_remove_attribute (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (node), "style");
webkit_dom_element_set_attribute (WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (node), "type", "cite", NULL);
if (!WEBKIT_DOM_IS_HTMLBR_ELEMENT (webkit_dom_node_get_last_child (node)))
webkit_dom_node_append_child (
node, WEBKIT_DOM_NODE (webkit_dom_document_create_element (document, "br", NULL)), NULL);
g_object_unref (node);
g_object_unref (list);
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