Commit 9f673bc5 authored by Vadim Rutkovsky's avatar Vadim Rutkovsky

tests: add necessary comboboxes in contact editor if needed

parent ade48aaf
......@@ -255,8 +255,8 @@ def get_combobox_textbox_object(contact_editor, section):
correct_textbox = min(matching_textboxes, key=lambda x: x.position[0])
result.append((combo, correct_textbox))
comboboxes = [x[0] for x in result]
textboxes = [x[1] for x in result]
comboboxes = [x[0] for x in result][::-1]
textboxes = [x[1] for x in result][::-1]
return (textboxes, comboboxes)
......@@ -271,6 +271,12 @@ def set_contact_emails_to_value(context, section):
textbox.text = ""
for index, row in enumerate(context.table.rows):
# Check that we have sufficient amount of textboxes
# If not - click plus buttons until we have enough
if index == len(textboxes):
textboxes[0].parent.child(roleName="push button").click()
(textboxes, comboboxes) = get_combobox_textbox_object(, section)
textboxes[index].text = row['Value']
if comboboxes[index].combovalue != row['Field']:
comboboxes[index].combovalue = row['Field']
......@@ -368,4 +374,4 @@ def set_field_in_section_to_value(context, field_name, section, field_value):
if element.roleName == "text":
element.text = field_value
elif element.roleName == "combo box":
element.combovalue = field_value
\ No newline at end of file
element.combovalue = field_value
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