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My mailer news.

2001-10-30    <>

	* NEWS (Mailer): My mailer news.

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2001-10-30 <>
* NEWS (Mailer): My mailer news.
2001-10-30 Ettore Perazzoli <>
* Add oaf to the BONOBO_VFS_GNOME_CFLAGS too.
......@@ -5,6 +5,50 @@ Shell:
- Fixed SMTP truncation, IMAP/SSL truncation/hangs when
sending/appending messages. (Jeff)
- Implemented rename for imap/maildir folders. Rename also tracked
in vfolder and filter code. Use rename for local folders when we
can instead of copy/delete. (Michael, Jeff)
- Fixed startup wizard next page race bugs. (Michael)
- Fixed toolbars vanishing, Bonobo Suxors. (Michael)
- Made filter/vfolder on mailing lists honour domains, but also
backward compatible. (Michael)
- Fixed the password coming up behind the main window. (Michael,
- Fixed numerous crash on startup/exit/while doing nothing/switching
folder/components, many races and other architectural errors.
(Michael, Jeff)
- Broke the build. Fixed the build. Broke the mailer so much it
wouldn't start, fixed the mailer so it would start, broke it again
.... (Michael)
- Bunch of vFolder fixes and feature completion. (Michael)
- Added a 'index body' option to configure folder. (Michael)
- Fixed 'unread' counts, again. (Michael)
- Fixed some problems leaking file descriptors and overusing them
when not necessary. (Michael)
- Implemented iconv() caching and Solaris friendly iconv name
converter. Made override display charset work in more cases.
(Michael, Jeff)
- Various untranslated buttons/menus and other translation issues
fixed. (Michael, Jeff)
- Lots and lots and lots of other little and not so little things.
(Michael, Jeff, Dan, Trow)
- General bug fixes. (Everybody)
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