Commit 8d31fcc8 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.21.3

parent fe903dca
Evolution 3.21.3 2016-06-20
Bug Fixes:
Bug 766745 - Add "Find Address Books" button for WebDAV address books (Milan Crha)
Bug 766682 - Three-state value for 'download messages for offline' per folder (Milan Crha)
Bug 766713 - Remove attachment does not work on multiple level message structure (Milan Crha)
Bug 766796 - No space after double hyphen in autogenerated signature (Tomas Popela)
Bug 767283 - "Add a Column" dialog: drag and drop broken on Wayland (Milan Crha)
Bug 767236 - quick correction spell check in context menu is gone (Tomas Popela)
Bug 767334 - Unable to open attachments when I am not the organiser (Milan Crha)
Bug 767542 - Correct encrypted-only message formatter color and icon (Milan Crha)
Bug 767364 - Tooltips over task/memo list are misplaced (Milan Crha)
Bug 651112 - Hide "Search->Save search..." menu item when cannot be used (Milan Crha)
Bug 767335 - Attachment names are not URL-decoded (Milan Crha)
Avoid NULL dereference in mail-send-recv.c:free_send_data() function (Milan Crha)
[CamelGpgContext] Provide signer photos when available (Milan Crha)
Use newly introduced ENetworkMonitor and add UI settings for it (Milan Crha)
Don't create unnecessary wrappers when quoting a text (Tomas Popela)
Address some of the clang compiler warnings (Milan Crha)
Crash under e_mail_folder_find_duplicate_messages_sync() (Milan Crha)
Create new events in the selected calendar in the left tree of calendars (Milan Crha)
EHTMLEditorActions - Paste Quotation action is always active (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Use a faster way of quoting an element in the plain text mode (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Redoing a delete operation in a PRE element could wrap the content in SPAN element (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Some empty new lines in a quoted content could be lost (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Don't modify a variable from arguments (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Simplify how an element is quoted (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Opening a draft that was not created in composer should respect the wrap/don't wrap preference (Tomas Popela)
Tiago Santos (pt)
Cédric Valmary (oc)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Flo H (de)
Mario Blättermann (de)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Yolanda Álvarez Pérez (es)
Evolution 3.21.2 2016-05-23
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