Commit 84a90339 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.29.4

parent 7a9d481a
Evolution 3.29.4 2018-07-16
Bug Fixes:
Bug 704246 - Cannot send encrypted mail to contact with certificate (Milan Crha)
Bug 757504 - [Composer] Do not wrap URLs in Plain Text mode (Milan Crha)
Bug 548681 - [MessageList] Restore of cursor mispositioned after delete (Milan Crha)
Bug 750636 - [Composer] Wrapped line should not start with a space (Milan Crha)
Bug 770141 - Help: Remove Quick Reference PDF (Andre Klapper)
Bug 723590 - Help: Cover accounts configured in GOA (Andre Klapper)
Bug 794085 - Help: Cover why 'Email reminder' option is greyed out (Andre Klapper)
Bug 786747 - Help: Add calendar views to list of keyboard shortcut (Andre Klapper)
I#25 - Show also URL in collection CalDAV Properties dialogs (Milan Crha)
I#31 - Help: German translation: Fix typo in closing tag (Antoine Jacoutot)
I#32 - Add column to sort at the end when Ctrl+Click its header (Milan Crha)
I#37 - Color support for iCalendar entries (Milan Crha)
I#43 - Tasks not shown when Side Panel is hidden (Milan Crha)
I#44 - Use Thunderbird's autoconfig ISPDB directly, not its copy (Milan Crha)
I#67 - Provide a hint how to show hidden Menu Bar again (Milan Crha)
I#39 - Extend Mail autoconfig to check in server's autoconfiguration too (Milan Crha)
I#55 - "Custom sort" dialog freezes Evolution and hogs the CPU under Wayland (Milan Crha)
I#53 - Address Helgrind warning about lock acquire order (Milan Crha)
I#69 - [MessageList] Regeneration loses selection start (Milan Crha)
eds-I#13 - [IMAPx] Fails to append message to Yahoo! with no CRLF at the end (Milan Crha)
eds-I#3 - [GPG] Mails that are not encrypted look encrypted (Milan Crha)
Show more options in CalDAV Properties for collection sources (Milan Crha)
Make it possible to disable text-highlight module with a GSettings option (Milan Crha)
Update links to GNOME git repositories in flatpak files (Milan Crha)
[EContactEditor] Do not store empty values in vCard (Milan Crha)
Correct memory leak of object returned by atk_object_ref_relation_set() (Milan Crha)
Try also with the From address when looking up correct From account for composer (Milan Crha)
Properly wrap text in 'Security Information' dialog (Milan Crha)
Add 4px bottom margin to secure button table (Milan Crha)
[autoconfig] Rename look up on GNOME server, because it's not true anymore (I#44) (Milan Crha)
[Composer] Message generated twice when using 'Send through Outbox' (Milan Crha)
Fix few memory leaks, mostly around gtk_..._new_with_model() (Milan Crha)
Update couple HTML editor tests (Milan Crha)
Help: Fix grammar in a sentence (Anders Jonsson)
Help: Update meeting invitation process due to UI changes (Дилян Палаузов)
Help: Fix a typo (Andre Klapper)
Help: Cover email aliases from bug 605416 (Andre Klapper)
Help: Better explain syncing remote accounts vs individual folders for offline usage (Andre Klapper)
Help: Fix my markup in previous commit (Andre Klapper)
Help: Add less complicated way to get menu bar displayed again (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use same names for views as in the UI (Andre Klapper)
Help: Remove shortcuts from calendar views, now in intro-keyboard-shortcuts (Andre Klapper)
Help: Fix duplicate section IDs (Andre Klapper)
Help: Option is now called Custom, not Customize (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use stable if namespace instead of experimental (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for CC license link (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for links (Andre Klapper)
Help: Update URL from to for older content (Andre Klapper)
Fabio Tomat (fur)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Evolution 3.29.3 2018-06-18
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