Commit 7bcff0df authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.31.1

parent 41acef1d
Evolution 3.31.1 2018-10-08
Bug Fixes:
Bug 750636 - Wrapped line should not start with a space ][ (Milan Crha)
Bug 724129 - [Composer] Encrypt Draft message when encryption is enabled (Milan Crha)
Bug 548656 - Emails using cancelled ical event not displayed correctly (Milan Crha)
Bug 785719 - [itip] Get Organizer's Sent-By name from Sender header (Milan Crha)
Bug 640994 - Email label colour disappears in message list pane when selected (Milan Crha)
I#66 - "Inherit theme colors in HTML format" is always visually enabled in composer (Milan Crha)
I#84 - Filter configuration needs a humanly readable dump (Milan Crha)
I#86 - Quoting of plain text mail into HTML mode mangles deeper levels (Milan Crha)
I#101 - Correct icon sizes for contact-editor.png (Milan Crha)
I#103 - Extra new line added in front of long URLs (Milan Crha)
I#104 - Replacing a string with nothing does not work in composer (Milan Crha)
I#106 - Add an option to "Hide cancelled events" (Milan Crha)
I#107 - Reply with selection and URL can produce extra letters (Milan Crha)
I#108 - Expunge in virtual Trash folder shows runtime warnings (Milan Crha)
I#110 - Attached meeting invitation can misbehave (Milan Crha)
I#111 - Disable secure/insecure http change for WebDAV collection sources (Milan Crha)
I#115 - Update win32/readme.txt (Milan Crha)
I#118 - Unsubscribing requires selecting the folder first (Milan Crha)
I#119 - Default to TLS encryption for new Mail accounts (Milan Crha)
I#122 - Avoid delayed message send when editing the Outbox message (Milan Crha)
I#123 - Reply to part of encrypted mail is unencrypted by default (Milan Crha)
I#127 - Make Collection Account Wizard “Next” button default (Milan Crha)
I#128 - Add “Collection Account” to “File › New” menu (Milan Crha)
I#129 - Use unversioned URL to (Milan Crha)
I#135 - Cannot scroll up to previous date in Calendar's Week/Month View (Milan Crha)
I#136 - Choose contrasting font color for the calendar data (Milan Crha)
I#139 - Deselects task/memo list when started in Calendar view (Milan Crha)
I#140 - Single key accelerator triggered in search box (Milan Crha)
I#155 - Cannot expand list of recipients of an attached email (Milan Crha)
I#156 - Make Location editable for Tasks (Milan Crha)
I#159 - [gal-a11y-e-cell-tree] Call e_tree_model_node_is_expandable() with non-NULL 'node' (Milan Crha)
I#162 - Replied to message marked as seen after message send (Milan Crha)
Update Flatpak build scripts to better integrate with the host desktop (Milan Crha)
Add a man page for evolution (Milan Crha)
[mail-send-receive] Try harder when searching for mail shell view (Milan Crha)
Improve Flatpak manifests (Milan Crha)
Composer autosave can stop working (Milan Crha)
GNOME Bugzilla has been replaced by GNOME Gitlab (Andre Klapper)
[ECollectionAccountWizard] Preset user name to mail sources (Milan Crha)
[EMVFolderEditor] Correct path used to e_restore_window() (Milan Crha)
Updated Czech default mail translation (Marek Cernocky)
Fixed links in default mail (Marek Cernocky)
Print actions disabled in Calendar view (Milan Crha)
Task Location shown as Summary in preview pane (Milan Crha)
Make sure message_list_folder_changed() is called from the main/UI thread (Milan Crha)
[Flatpak] Use host system DConf to store user settings (Milan Crha)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Anders Jonsson (sv)
Efstathios Iosifidis (el)
Balázs Meskó (hu)
Marek Cernocky (cs)
Gianvito Cavasoli (it)
Jordi Mas (ca)
Sebastian Rasmussen (sv)
Rodrigo Lledó (es)
Evolution 3.30.0 2018-09-03
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