Commit 5eb525b6 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.29.90

parent 1a23ecf7
Evolution 3.29.90 2018-07-30
Bug Fixes:
Bug 787344 - Mail Notification account selection (Milan Crha)
Bug 788370 - Rename address book WebDAV backend to CardDAV (Milan Crha)
Bug 269852 - Label should be on "Message" menu when mail is selected (Milan Crha)
Bug 241477 - Message color cannot be removed once applied to a message (Milan Crha)
Bug 240905 - Can't edit Follow Up flag (Milan Crha)
Bug 227703 - Add option to Hide cancelled tasks (Milan Crha)
I#75 - "Empty Junk" does not work on a real Junk folder (Milan Crha)
I#71 - Workaround cursor movement through unbreakable anchor bug (Milan Crha)
I#78 - Search scope in Mail view not restored properly (Milan Crha)
I#57 - Edited event time keeps the old instance in the UI (Milan Crha)
I#46 - Old plain text signature not updated before editing (Milan Crha)
I#80 - p7s attachements are not shown in mail preview (Milan Crha)
[mail-notification] Correct a recently added translatable string (Milan Crha)
Highlight of the search bar entry doesn't work (Milan Crha)
Fix two possible memory leaks related to message composer (Milan Crha)
Update some of the editor unit tests to not fail (Milan Crha)
Propagate trust prompt response within collection sources (Milan Crha)
Unnecessary message parse when viewing message source (Milan Crha)
Print of message source doesn't print message source (Milan Crha)
Help: Remove comment about Buteo (those links are dead) (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for syncevolution link (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for IETF RFC links (Andre Klapper)
Help: Replace GNOME Bugzilla by GNOME Gitlab link to report bugs (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for GNOME FTP link (Andre Klapper)
Help: Use https URL for spec (Andre Klapper)
Help: Cover mail label item added to main menu in bug 269852 (Andre Klapper)
Help: add a TODO item (Andre Klapper)
Daniel Șerbănescu (ro)
Fabio Tomat (fur)
Wolfgang Stöggl (de)
Jordi Mas i Hernandez (ca)
Aurimas Černius (lt)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Evolution 3.29.4 2018-07-16
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