Commit 599f2bce authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.21.1

parent 833410a0
Evolution 3.21.1 2016-04-25
Bug Fixes:
Bug 736808 - Fill lists of certificates asynchronously (Milan Crha)
Bug 763796 - Excessive runtime warnings from gtk_style_context_get_...() (Milan Crha)
Bug 764062 - Send/Receive dialog can be left opened with empty content (Milan Crha)
Bug 759802 - Report calendar import errors in UI (Milan Crha)
Bug 764234 - Add more handling options for Content-Type: message/rfc822 (Milan Crha)
Bug 764172 - Do not grab mouse on left-click in message list (Milan Crha)
Bug 763723 - Do not propagate mouse events to parent of EAttachmentBar (Milan Crha)
Bug 764426 - Contact list with umlauts shown encoded in meetings (Milan Crha)
Bug 764428 - Empty state text in Contacts view is not properly centered (Milan Crha)
Bug 240130 - Resize table header on theme font change (Milan Crha)
Bug 764542 - ECalendar next/previous month arrows oversized in gtk+ 3.20 (Milan Crha)
Bug 762785 - Avoid unnecessary MessageList rebuilds (Milan Crha)
Bug 758878 - Asked repeatedly for a Google account password (with calendar) (Milan Crha)
Bug 764977 - Manual folder Refresh should fully resync with the server (Milan Crha)
Bug 765090 - Replying to a message with a reply to an inline patch loses parts at the end of the patch. (Tomas Popela)
Bug 765102 - [Wayland] Tooltips for calendar events are misplaced (Milan Crha)
Bug 765202 - Reply to List for MIME digest sub-messages (Milan Crha)
Bug 765112 - Match Reply credits line time parts to LC_MESSAGES (Guido Trentalancia)
Cannot change order list to unordered for the first time (Tomas Popela)
Inline images in drafts are not displayed in GMail (Tomas Popela)
[EAttachmentTree/IconView] Setup widgets in 'constructed' handler (Milan Crha)
Remove unneeded runtime warning from e-day-view.c::cancel_editing() (Milan Crha)
Vertically center table header text (Milan Crha)
Make some settings changes in mail composer permanent (Milan Crha)
Add missing closing double quote, thus webview-print.css is actually used (Milan Crha)
Reposition ECalendar children on timeout, not inside size-allocate handler (Milan Crha)
Change ECalendarView from GtkTable to GtkGrid (Milan Crha)
Hide private members of ECalendar into a private structure (Milan Crha)
Optimize some of the DOM functions related to selection (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Selection could be saved wrong in quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Anchors could be wrongly wrapped in quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Ask for a parent node of the right node (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Remove signature from Thunderbird if presented (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Correct the new lines handling in quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Avoid variables with the same name in one scope (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Don't replace various whitespaces with non-breaking spaces when inserting into PRE element (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Simplify and improve how the undo/redo of delete operation in quoted content is performed (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Busy loop after pasting two links after each other in the quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Deleting a content in a PRE element could wrap the content in SPAN element (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Moving a Preformatted block one level up in the quoted content will change it to Normal (Tomas Popela)
EMsgComposer - Move the DOM manipulation to EHTMLEditorView (Tomas Popela)
Dušan Kazik (sk)
Daniel Korostil (uk)
Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio (eu)
Jordi Mas (ca)
Balázs Úr (hu)
Cédric Valmary (oc)
Gianvito Cavasoli (it)
Mingye Wang (zh_CN)
Evolution 3.20.0 2016-03-21
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