Commit 514d766b authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.13.5

parent 439bf0d2
Evolution 3.13.5 2014-08-25
Bug Fixes:
Bug 733825 - Busy loop/deadlock when changing paragraph style in quoted part (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733725 - Runtime critical when pasting test from the same composer instance (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733846 - Empty lines removed on send (quoted text edited) (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733953 - Citation marks incorrectly transformed on send (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733956 - Multiple quotations should be deleted by one (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733954 - Enter doesn't delete selection with cited text (Tomas Popela)
Bug 733917 - Critical warning when hiding the tooltip above the event (Milan Crha)
Bug 733918 - Color chooser for citation color is not working in Composer (Milan Crha)
Bug 733973 - Calling e_html_editor_view_get_text_html() changes editors content (Tomas Popela)
e_mail_folder_uri_build: Encode special characters in folder names (Milan Crha)
e_client_cache_get_client: Fix a memory leak (Milan Crha)
Propagate settings from Prefences to the EHTMLEditorView (Tomas Popela)
Include 'tests' folder in the distribution tarball (Milan Crha)
doap category apps (Olav Vitters)
Reduce the memory used by DOM variables (Tomas Popela)
Updated German help translation and screen-shots (Christian Kirbach)
EHTMLEditor - Fix indentation after EEditor -> EHTMLEditor rename (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditor - Change the way how the Indent/Unindent and Alignment works (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorActions - Allow the action that shows the spell check dialog (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Introduce e_html_editor_selection_is_collapsed and use it where possible (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Fix the spell check after settings alignment (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Fix the unindentation of the list (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Limit the paragraph minimal width to 5 characters (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Remove just the BR elements that are used for the wrapping unless it is forced (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSelection - Simplify some loops and free more of the WebKit DOM variables (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorSpellCheckDialog - Avoid crash when no iter was set in the dictionaries combo box (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Avoid forcing of the spell check when the body has no children (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Avoid wrapping of the preformatted block when it is inside the quoted text (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Wrap just paragraphs that are not in the quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Don't insert the new line character, when the empty line in the quoted content is on the end of it (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Fix the HTML structure after pasting the multiline content that was copied from composer (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Turn on the spell check if the inline spelling option is set (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Remove the unneeded comment (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Process the plain text version the right way when sending the HTML mail (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Fix critical warning when creating Address and Header 1 - 6 blocks (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Unset the bold font when the return is pressed in the Heading 1 - 6 block (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Fix changing of the format from the list to the Address and Heading 1 - 6 formats (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Remove classes that were used for marking the BR elements from converted text (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Avoid critical warnings when pressing backspace on the beginning of the quoted content (Tomas Popela)
EWebView - If the parent of the node that we want to remove doesn't exist, just free it (Tomas Popela)
Christian Kirbach (de)
Evolution 3.13.4 2014-07-28 Evolution 3.13.4 2014-07-28
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