Commit 44951219 authored by Milan Crha's avatar Milan Crha

NEWS update for 3.21.90

parent ec7b4c37
Evolution 3.21.90 2016-08-15
* Evolution now uses WebKit2 instead of WebKit1 to display emails, contacts,
tasks, memos and to compose messages. A huge thanks to Tomáš Popela, whom
led this effort.
Bug Fixes:
Bug 768449 - “Message/Open in New Window” marks message as read when shouldn't (Milan Crha)
Bug 767283 - [Wayland] "Add a Column" dialog: drag and drop broken ][ (Milan Crha)
Bug 769354 - Quotation level changed when deleting one character in quoted line (Tomas Popela)
Bug 769338 - Pasting < > & as a quotation pastes their html entities (Tomas Popela)
Bug 769062 - Crash on mouse over task when tasks are grouped (Milan Crha)
Bug 768683 - Cannot mark as spam non-spam message in a real Junk folder (Milan Crha)
Bug 624604 - Clarify signature warnings when a pubkey is absent (Jean-François Fortin Tam)
Bug 769388 - Add option to not display Content-Disposition:inline parts (Leonard den Ottolander)
Bug 769044 - Customized timezones not recognized (Milan Crha)
Bug 769072 - Silently discards message when save to draft fails on quit (Milan Crha)
Bug 769152 - Confirm folder Unsubscribe before doing so (Milan Crha)
Bug 769288 - Crash after saving view and changing folder (Milan Crha)
Bug 751588 - Port to WebKit2 (Tomas Popela)
Bug 769707 - [WK2] Signature lost on send (Tomas Popela)
Bug 769908 - [WK2] Scroll to cursor on composer open (Tomas Popela)
Correct order of "assign value" and "call function" when saving to drafts (Milan Crha)
Simplify and fix how the HTML is parsed into composer's DOM structure (Tomas Popela)
Update devel-doc build scripts to work after the WebKit2 port merge (Milan Crha)
The "headers-collapsed" change not propagated into the settings (Milan Crha)
Add TestKeyfileSettingsBackend for test-html-editor-units (Milan Crha)
Update homepage GNOME wiki URL to save us a redirect (Andre Klapper)
Make translation type value more generic; no need for branch numbers (Andre Klapper)
test-html-editor-units: Increase default command delay to 25ms (Milan Crha)
EHTMLEditorView - Redoing unquoting does not work (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Extra new line could be added to the quoted text when parsing HTML (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Replace citation marks to actual citation in one round (Tomas Popela)
EHTMLEditorView - Remove accidentally committed debug prints (Tomas Popela)
EWebKitEditor - Tabulator key does not insert the tabulator, but changes focus (Tomas Popela)
Aurimas Černius (lt)
Jordi Mas (ca)
Daniel Mustieles (es)
Balázs Úr (hu)
Dušan Kazik (sk)
Gustavo Marques (pt_BR)
Evolution 3.21.4 2016-07-18
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