Commit 3cd67e8c authored by Tomas Popela's avatar Tomas Popela

EHTMLEditorSelection - Remove unneeded code

parent cc9d5f74
......@@ -5755,16 +5755,12 @@ wrap_lines (EHTMLEditorSelection *selection,
WebKitDOMElement *element;
gint len, ii, br_count;
gulong length_left;
glong paragraph_char_count;
gchar *text_content;
if (selection) {
WebKitDOMNodeList *wrap_br;
WebKitDOMRange *range;
paragraph_char_count = g_utf8_strlen (
e_html_editor_selection_get_string (selection), -1);
range = html_editor_selection_get_current_range (selection);
fragment = webkit_dom_range_clone_contents (range, NULL);
g_object_unref (range);
......@@ -5793,11 +5789,6 @@ wrap_lines (EHTMLEditorSelection *selection,
WEBKIT_DOM_ELEMENT (paragraph_clone),
text_content = webkit_dom_node_get_text_content (paragraph_clone);
paragraph_char_count = g_utf8_strlen (text_content, -1);
if (element)
g_free (text_content);
/* When we wrap, we are wrapping just the text after caret, text
* before the caret is already wrapped, so unwrap the text after
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