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add more info, including a pointer to the mailing list, a pointer to a

message in the mailing list archive with hints on how to compile it,
and a description of the source tree layout.

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Evolution is the integrated mail, calendar and address book Evolution is the integrated mail, calendar and address book
distributed suite from Helix Code, Inc. distributed suite from Helix Code, Inc. for more information. See for more information.
Note that Evolution is still pre-alpha. This means even if you manage
to compile and run it, you might not be able to figure out how to tell
it to accidentally delete all of your mail.
If you are interested in hacking on Evolution, you should subscribe to
the Evolution mailing list. Send mail to
"" with the word "subscribe" in the
body of the message.
Some hints on compiling Evolution can be found in the mailing list
The layout of the source tree is:
addressbook: the Address Book UI
calendar: the Calendar UI
camel: libcamel, a messaging library used by the mailer
compose: the message composer UI
data: the .desktop file for Evolution
devel-docs: entirely inadequate documentation
doc: more inadequate documentation, and some nice white
e-util: utility code used by various parts of Evolution
ebook: the Address Book / Calendar backend CORBA server
filter: libfilter, a mail filtering library
libibex: an indexing library used by the mailer
libical: a library for the iCalendar protocol
libversit: a library for the vCalendar protocol
mail: the mail display UI
shell: the Evolution shell (the main program that launches
the other components)
tests: some test programs
widgets: widgets used by Evolution, including the shortcut bar,
ETable, and EText
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