Commit 2d249c55 authored by Christopher James Lahey's avatar Christopher James Lahey Committed by Chris Lahey

Added more news.

2001-10-01  Christopher James Lahey  <>

	* NEWS (Addressbook): Added more news.

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2001-10-01 Christopher James Lahey <>
* NEWS (Addressbook): Added more news.
2001-09-30 Jeffrey Stedfast <>
* (nspr_libs): Order the linkline to be the same as
......@@ -63,7 +63,8 @@ Calendar:
- Miscellaneous bug fixes. (Trow, Toshok, Clahey, JP)
- Miscellaneous bug fixes. (Trow, Chris Toshok, Chris Lahey, JP,
Peter Williams)
- Better handling of addresses containing commas or other special
characters. (Trow)
......@@ -73,6 +74,16 @@ Addressbook:
- Auto-completion now matches against contact nicknames. (Trow)
- Added help text and generally cleaned up the contact editor.
- Handle multiple wombats properly. (Chris Toshok)
- Made which book to use for address completion configurable (no gui
for this yet.) (Chris Toshok)
- Made Print Preview work in addressbook. (Chris Lahey)
- Now syncs exception dates in calendar and addressbook notes. (JP)
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