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Updated news.

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Version 0.17 (Beta 7), 2001-10-15
- "Whitespace-only" recipients are now ignored, rather than being
flagged as invalid. (Trow)
- Fixed bugs related to message searching: memory leak, i18n problems,
etc. (Trow)
- We no longer leave stray windows lying around after doing the
"Add Sender to Addressbook" operation. (Trow)
- Bcc: headers are now shown when viewing drafts, sent mail. (Trow)
- General bug fixes (Iain, Trow, JP, Chris Toshok, Chris Lahey, Dan
......@@ -12,6 +29,17 @@ Addressbook:
- LDIF Importer (Chris Toshok, Michael M. Morrison)
- Fixed Memory Leaks (Trow)
- Always show the correct message about the number of contacts on the
message bar. (Trow)
- Fixed printing of contacts. (Trow)
- Fixed the incredibly annoying bug which caused completed (underlined)
contacts to spontaneously revert when edited. (Trow)
- Compilation fixes. (Rodrigo)
......@@ -25,6 +53,7 @@ Calendar:
- Added activity bars for long calendar operations (Rodrigo)
Version 0.16 (Beta 6), 2001-10-10
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