Commit 1e30dcaf authored by Vadim Rutkovsky's avatar Vadim Rutkovsky

tests: run pkexec journalctl

parent d1645748
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ def after_scenario(context, scenario):
# Attach journalctl logs
if hasattr(context, "embed"):
os.system("journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-session --no-pager -o cat --since='%s'> /tmp/journal-session.log" % context.log_start_time)
os.system("pkexec journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-session --no-pager -o cat --since='%s'> /tmp/journal-session.log" % context.log_start_time)
data = open("/tmp/journal-session.log", 'r').read()
if data:
context.embed('text/plain', data)
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