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<page xmlns="" xmlns:its=""
type="topic" id="mail-save-as-pdf">
<desc>Converting emails into PDF files.</desc>
<link type="guide" xref="index#common-mail-problems" />
<revision pkgversion="3.5.5" version="0.1" date="2012-08-08" status="review"/>
<credit type="author">
<name its:translate="no">Andre Klapper</name>
<email its:translate="no"></email>
<p>Creative Commons Share Alike 3.0</p>
<title>Save messages as PDF</title>
<p>In order to save emails in the PDF file format, select <guiseq><gui>File</gui><gui>Print</gui></guiseq> and then choose <gui>Print to File</gui>. See <link href="ghelp:gnome-help#printing">the desktop help</link> for general information on printing.</p>
<note style="advanced">
<p>You can also export messages as PDF by dragging and dropping them to the file manager, instead of dropping them in mbox (text) format by default.</p>
<item><p>Open the <app>Terminal</app> application.</p></item>
<item><p>Run the command <cmd>gsettings set org.gnome.evolution.mail drag-and-drop-save-file-format 'pdf'</cmd></p></item>
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