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    > * gmime-utils.[ch]: What the hell, remove it. This will break the · 44575d97
    Michael Zucci authored
    > 	nntp provider (but its broken anyway).  The mime parser can be
    >	used instead though.
    > 	Removed from all code including it (but none were using it).
    > 	* gmime-utils.c (_store_header_pair_from_string): Removed bizarre
    > 	string_dichotomy version of this.  This code is somewhat redundant
    > 	now, and is headed for death anyway.
    > 	* gstring-util.c (g_string_dichotomy): Same with this one.
    > 	(g_string_clone): Removed a memory leak, g_string_new() allocates
    > 	its own memory.
    > 	(g_string_append_g_string): Allow to append an empty gstring onto
    > 	another gstring, dont abort()!
    > 	* string-utils.c (string_dichotomy): Removed this incredibly weird
    > 	function.
    > 	* camel-folder.c (_create): Replaced the rather obtuse use of
    > 	"string_dichotomy" function with a simple strrchr().  Still not
    > 	sure it'll work.
    > 	* camel-folder-summary.c: cvs removed a long-removed file.
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