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    Added folder_created event here. · 1d80d46e
    Not Zed authored
    2001-03-27  Not Zed  <NotZed@Ximian.com>
            * camel-vee-store.c (vee_get_folder): Added folder_created event
            * camel-vee-folder.c (unmatched_finalise): Removed, moved into
            main finalise code.
            (message_changed): Just create a new change entry and promote it
            to a folder_changed thing.
            (vee_sync): Always rebuild folder on sync, even when not expunge.
            (folder_changed): If not autoupdating, make sure we remove any
            removed entries.
            (vee_folder_remove_folder): NOP if we're called on
            (vee_search_by_expression): Only search each folder once.  Should
            we also order the result in summary order?
    2001-03-20  Not Zed  <NotZed@Ximian.com>
            * camel-store.c (init_trash): Fix calling for vee_folder_new().
            * camel-folder-summary.c (camel_folder_summary_remove_index):
            Optimise slightly, use ptr_array_remove_index rather than have to
            search for the index by using summary_remove.
            * camel-vee-folder.h: Removed local member from VeeFolder, since
            it was never used.
            * camel-vee-store.c (camel_vee_store_finalise): Setup finalise
            * camel-vee-folder.c (camel_vee_folder_set_expression): New
            function to set the query of an existing vfolder.
            (camel_vee_folder_construct): New function for
            (camel_vee_folder_new): Removed exception parameter, no longer
            needed (since we dont search yet).
            (camel_vee_folder_new): Changed to use folder_construct, and no
            longer raise the folder created signal.
            (vee_folder_build_folder): Make it return error on exception, so
            we can work without exceptions.
            (vee_folder_remove_folder): Use remove index rather than
            remove_uid, this is ok since we have the summary locked for our
            own access.
            (camel_vee_folder_add_folder): Only add the folder to the
            unmatched private if it is not a private folder.
            (camel_vee_folder_remove_folder): Only remove the folder from
            unmatched if it is not private.
            (vee_expunge): Just call sync with expunge set.
            (vee_sync): If expunging, also refresh the search.
            (vee_folder_build_folder): We do our own locking now, removed from
            callers, also trigger changed events here too (within locks),
            fixed callers appropriately.
            (vee_folder_remove_folder): Do our own locking, and trigger
            changed events.
            (vee_folder_add_info): Renamed of vee_folder_add, we now take a
            hash of the folder name, rather than use the folders address.
            (hash_folder): Convert a folder name into an 8 character hash.
            (vee_get_message, vee_search_by_expression, vee_set_message_flags,
            vee_set_message_user_flag, vee_move_message_to): Changed the uid
            to be an 8 byte hash + original uid, with no ':' anymore.
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