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    Take a GByteArray as input as well. Comment that you can pass %NULL for · 61a496ff
    Dan Winship authored
    	* camel-sasl.c (camel_sasl_challenge): Take a GByteArray as input
    	as well. Comment that you can pass %NULL for @token to get the
    	initial auth data for mechanisms that are client-initiated.
    	(camel_sasl_challenge_base64): Convenience function for protocols
    	that use base64-encoded SASL.
    	(camel_sasl_authenticated): Implement this... (it was prototyped
    	(camel_sasl_new): Function to take a service name, a mechanism
    	name, and a CamelService, and return a CamelSasl for it.
    	(camel_sasl_authtype, camel_sasl_authtype_list): Functions to
    	return CamelServiceAuthType information about SASL mechanisms, to
    	allow providers to deal with them generically.
    	* camel-sasl-anonymous.c, camel-sasl-plain.c: Update/simplify for
    	CamelSasl changes. Both of these are single-round
    	(client-initiated) mechanisms, so they don't need to keep state.
    	(camel_sasl_plain_new): Removed; use camel_sasl_new instead.
    	(Can't get rid of camel_sasl_anonymous_new though...)
    	* camel-sasl-cram-md5.c: Update/simplify for CamelSasl changes.
    	(camel_sasl_cram_md5_new): Removed; use camel_sasl_new instead.
    	(cram_md5_challenge): Use md5_get_digest where possible, and
    	various other minor simplifications. CRAM-MD5 only has a single
    	round, so there's no need to keep track of state. This code is now
    	tested (against Cyrus IMAPd) and known to work.
    	* camel-sasl-kerberos4.h: Update/simplify for CamelSasl changes.
    	Make only a single #ifdef HAVE_KRB4. Remove stuff from priv that
    	isn't needed between rounds.
    	(camel_sasl_kerberos4_new): Removed; use camel_sasl_new instead
    	(krb4_challenge): Fix up the logic I broke in my previous "at
    	least make it compile" fixes, update to match other changes, and
    	remove IMAP-isms that shouldn't be in the generic code. This still
    	isn't tested, because we're stuck behind a NAT right now...
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