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    Added. Call me old-fashioned, but I just prefer to have a real API rather · 4f26eac1
    Jon Trowbridge authored
    2001-03-23  Jon Trowbridge  <trow@ximian.com>
            * gui/widgets/e-minicard-widget.c (e_minicard_widget_set_card):
            Added.  Call me old-fashioned, but I just prefer to have a real
            API rather than doing everything via gtk_object_get/set-type
            (e_minicard_widget_set_arg): Changed to call
            * backend/ebook/e-book-util.c: Small changes to get rid of
            compiler warnings.  (Casting out const, removed unused variables,
            etc.)  Removed some debugging messages.
            * gui/component/addressbook-factory.c (main): Added call
            to e_address_popup_factory_init.
            * gui/component/e-address-popup.c: Added.  A popup gadget that is
            invoked (as a bonobo control) when an address is left-clicked in
            the mailer.  The addressbook is queries, and the address is either
            displayed as a minicard (if it already exists) or in a "generic
            format".  A button is provided for editting/adding the contact.
            Some of the semantics of this widget are a bit... non-standard,
            because of bonobo issues.  I can't really seem to replicate
            popup-menu behavior because of how bonobo propogates events, etc.
            so I've tried to produce something that I think is non-annoying.
    2001-03-23  Jon Trowbridge  <trow@ximian.com>
            * mail-display.c (handle_embedded_address_object): #ifdef away
            some code I don't quite want to delete yet.
            (html_button_press_event): Remove some of Radek's placeholder
            code, replace it with code to create my AddressPopup bonobo
            * mail-format.c: Remove some obsolete code that if #ifdef-ed out
            a while ago.
            * mail-ops.c (send_queue_send): Strip out the X-Evolution-Identity
            header when sending.
    2001-03-23  Jon Trowbridge  <trow@ximian.com>
            * camel-filter-driver.c (camel_filter_driver_filter_message):
            Don't call camel_mime_message_set_identity.  (The call is
            commented out, left over from some earlier experimentation that I
            want to be able to remember later...)
            * camel-mime-message.c (camel_mime_message_set_identity): Added.
            A function to set the X-Evolution-Identity header.
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