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    Not Zed authored
    2000-11-24  Not Zed  <NotZed@HelixCode.com>
    	* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add tests.
    	* camel-mime-filter-basic.c (filter): Well, I'll add the extra
    	bytes here too, lathough not strictly needed, might save a
    	re-malloc when we get to complete().
    	* camel-mime-filter-charset.c (filter): Make sure we have room if
    	we only convert very short data.
    	(complete): and here too.
    	* tests/Makefile.am: Initial test harness & tests.  Requires gcc
    	for this.
    	* camel-internet-address.c (d): Turn off debug.
    	* camel-charset-map.c (camel_charset_step): Oops, & masks for set
    	intersection, not | them.  Dunno how this got even close to
    2000-11-23  Not Zed  <NotZed@HelixCode.com>
    	* camel-mime-filter-basic.c (filter): For base64 encoding, the
    	output size for 0, 1, or 2 bytes of input can exceed input*2, so
    	make sure we account for that as well.
    	(complete): And here.
    	(complete): Similarly for qp encoding, if we have a trailing
    	space, we need some extra bytes (not needed for 'filter()', as any
    	such bytes are stored in state/save).
    	* camel-mime-utils.c (quoted_decode_step): Removed fixme not required.
    	(quoted_encode_close): Dont append a trailing afterall.  Otherwise
    	a pass through the encode/decode will grow the message each time.
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