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    Add a missed unref. · d38a417d
    Not Zed authored
    2000-11-29  Not Zed  <NotZed@HelixCode.com>
    	* tests/message/test2.c (main): Add a missed unref.
    	* camel-stream-mem.c (camel_stream_mem_set_buffer): We must set
    	ourselves as the owner of the byte-array.
    	Weird, someone has modified this file (its been reindented), but i
    	can't see any changelogs ...
    	* tests/lib/messages.c (content_finalise): Fix memleak in tester,
    	free byte array when our content object is deleted.
    	* camel-folder-search.c (camel_folder_search_finalize): Yeah
    	great, so the sexp is a gtk object, not a camel object.  Isn't
    	that going to be fun to fix?
    	* camel-session.c (camel_session_finalise): Free the storage path.
    	* providers/local/camel-local-store.c (camel_local_store_init): If
    	store->folders is setup, free it first, then overwrite.  Hmm,
    	this seems a bit crappy to me.
    	* camel-store.c (camel_store_init): Dont setup store->folders if
    	its already setup.
    	* camel-exception.c (camel_exception_setv): Removed a memleak.  no
    	need to strdup after a strdup_printf!!!
    	* camel-address.c (camel_address_finalize): Free the address
    	ptrarray, once finished.
    	* providers/local/camel-local-folder.c (local_finalize): Make sure
    	we dont leave the folder locked on close.
    	(local_finalize): Free summary/search.
    	* providers/local/camel-mh-summary.c (mh_summary_next_uid_string):
    	Small memleak, always free name after using it.
    	* camel-mime-part.c (set_content_object): Free txt after setting
    	the header.
    	* providers/local/camel-maildir-summary.c (maildir_summary_check):
    	Fix a memleak, close the dir after scanning new.
    	(message_info_free): Added so we can free the filename cached in
    	the messageinfo.
    	(camel_maildir_summary_finalise): Free the hostname.
    	* tests/folder/test[12].c (main): Clear out camel-test before
    	* providers/local/camel-mbox-summary.c (mbox_summary_sync_quick):
    	Because encode_x_evolution folds the line (sigh, because
    	encode_param does, unlike every other function in
    	camel-mime-utils), unfold the encoded result before comparing.
    	(mbox_summary_sync_quick): Another small memleak, free xevnew once
    	finished with it.
    	* camel-mime-utils.c (header_decode_quoted_string): Removed a
    	redundant check for c=0.
    	(header_unfold): New function to un-fold headers.
    	* providers/local/camel-local-summary.c
    	(local_summary_encode_x_evolution): some problems with encoding
    	tags, using the wrong output strings.
    	(local_summary_encode_x_evolution): We dont need to append a ;
    	either, param_list_format_append() will do it for us.
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