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    Fixes bug #5282. · c3876df7
    Federico Mena Quintero authored
    2001-10-24  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@ximian.com>
    	Fixes bug #5282.
    	* cal-util/timeutil.c (icaltimetype_to_tm_with_zone): New function
    	to avoid copying the same code all over the place.
    	(icaltimetype_to_tm): Also set the tm.tm_wday.
    	* gui/alarm-notify/alarm-queue.c (queue_midnight_refresh): Use
    	(load_alarms_for_today): Likewise.  And oops, we were only
    	computing the times and not loading the alarms.
    	(obj_updated_cb): Likewise.
    	(load_alarms): Removed assertion that is no longer valid because
    	we may load the alarms for a client in two stages.
    	* gui/dialogs/alarm-page.c (get_alarm_string): Convert absolute
    	trigger times to the local timezone.
    	* gui/alarm-notify/alarm-notify-dialog.c (write_html_heading):
    	Convert the times to the local timezone.
    	(alarm_notify_dialog): Likewise, for the window title.
    	(alarm_notify_dialog): Set the window layer to WIN_LAYER_ONTOP.
    	* gui/e-cell-date-edit-text.c (ecd_get_text): Use
    	* gui/alarm-notify/save.c (get_config_db): Made public.
    	(discard_config_db): Made public.
    	* gui/alarm-notify/config-data.[ch]: New files with functions to
    	fetch the calendar configuration data used by the alarm daemon.
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